Get Bioresonance Hair Analysis In Westborough To Identify Food Sensitivities

Sep 1, 2023

If your doctor says you’re fine but you’re not feeling your best, bioresonance hair analysis can help you find the root cause of your symptoms. Call Poe Holistic Health (508-388-2853)!

If you're interested in a holistic approach to health, but have never heard of bioresonance hair analysis testing, read on to find out how this simple, non-invasive test can help you on your way to optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Kristen Poe, a Holistic Health Consultant and Naprapathic Body Work Therapist, who is also the founder of Poe Holistic Health in Shrewsbury, answers your questions about this complementary therapy.

How is this test done and what does it show?

The test requires a small sample of your hair and may identify potential food sensitivities, nutritional imbalances, environmental intolerances, and heavy metal exposure.

Is it an alternative to traditional tests?

While bioresonance hair analysis cannot replace blood work and physical exams, it can provide useful insights into your metabolic health and serve as a starting point for a personalized nutrition plan.

“I love running these labs because it really gives people a detailed and personalized look into their health and wellness from a perspective that is rarely looked at,” Dr. Poe says.

When should I take it?

It is particularly suitable for patients who are experiencing discomfort or pain despite normal lab tests and physical exams. Have you been having digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal problems, or chronic pain? If you have, but your doctor can't find the reason, try bioresonance hair analysis testing.

What do I do with the results?

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Poe. She will analyze your test results, symptoms, health history, and lifestyle to create a comprehensive plan for your optimal wellness. This can include dietary and lifestyle changes, naprapathy, homeopathy, herbal therapy, and other modalities. Unlike conventional therapy, which focuses on the treatment of a particular disease, the holistic therapy offered at Poe Holistic Health aims to uncover the root causes of your symptoms.

The Shrewsbury holistic health center was created with the goal of helping patients throughout the Boston area create lifestyles that improve their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Dr. Poe, who holds a Ph.D. in alternative medicine and a doctorate in Naprapathy, believes in the synergy of Western medicine and holistic modalities for optimized health.

What do patients say?

“Dr. Poe has helped my family and me tremendously,” one happy patient wrote in her review. “I love her comprehensive, holistic approach and truly appreciate how she focuses on balance and moderation with nutrition, which is the foundation of total body wellness. Her recommendations have really made a difference and I'm very grateful.”

If you want to find out more about Dr. Poe's holistic approach or schedule a consultation, go to

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