Massachusetts Detoxing Program Includes Nutritious Shakes & Organic Ingredients

Apr 5, 2024

Ready to get the energy and weight you deserve? Poe Holistic Health (508-388-2853) in Massachusetts offers organic whole-food purification and cleansing solutions that will help rid your body of the nasty toxins that have been keeping you from your best!

In today's world, we are surrounded by toxic substances. Even if we eat pretty healthy, it adds up over time. Toxicity can wreak havoc on your body and even make you gain weight.

With Poe Holistic Health, you can get a tailored cleansing program that uses only organic, real-food supplements for optimum nutrition, so you can get your body back in balance! Want to learn more? Just go to

Organic For The Win

I'm sure you've noticed the rising trend in the U.S. of detox programs that require the use of weird synthetic supplements and crazy strict dieting or fasting. Honestly, the stress of thinking about doing all that makes my body feel more toxic already!

If you're interested in reaping the benefits of detoxing, but don't want to take a bunch of weird chemical-ly stuff, Poe Holistic Health encourages you to try its organic, all-natural method which uses only real food ingredients. Each patient receives a detox program tailored to their needs, goals, and current state of health.

Poe Holistic Health's cleansing program uses Standard Process nutritional products which are made from ingredients grown on a certified organic farm. Standard Process has been creating whole-food nutritional substances since 1929 and is dedicated to maintaining the potency and nutrient value naturally found in each ingredient.

A Detox Program Just For YOU

Dr. Kristen Poe, the clinic's founder, works with each patient to design a unique, holistic treatment plan that considers both diet and lifestyle.

You can expect to engage in a tailored exercise regimen as part of your cleansing program. Exercise has proven effective in aiding in healthy digestion, which provides support for detoxing!

You may be prescribed various detox approaches, including the 21-day Purification Program and the Standard Process Detox Balance Program.

All of Poe Holistic Health's detoxes strive to reduce the amount of toxins in your body, to help restore balance in the digestive, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems.

You may enjoy clearer skin, shinier hair, better digestion and increased energy, as well as healthy, natural weight loss!

About Poe Holistic Health

Founded by Dr. Kristen Poe, the practice's mission is "to help people find alternative means to improve their lives using natural, non-invasive, and holistic methods". Along with being the founding doctor's last name, POE also stands for Personalized Optimized Essentials. Poe Holistic Health offers a range of services along with its detoxing programs, including bioresonance hair analysis testing, homeopathy, herbal therapy, nutritional consulting, and naprapathic therapy.

Want to learn more and schedule a consultation with Poe Holistic Health? Get started on your detox journey today by visiting

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