Boston Holistic Wellness Center Offers Nutrition Plans & Health Counseling!

Apr 5, 2024

If you’re ready to take charge of your well-being, Poe Holistic Health (+1 508 388 2853) offers holistic nutrition counseling and professional health coaching at their wellness center in Shrewsbury, MA.

Health and wellness require a pro-active approach, and with the comprehensive coaching and guidance from Dr. Kristen Poe at Poe Holistic Health, you can jumpstart your healing journey!

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The health and wellness solutions include nutritional deficiency and environmental intolerance lab testing, as well as custom nutrition plans to suit your unique needs.

As rates of food intolerances and chemical sensitivities continue to increase worldwide, the tailored treatment plans from Dr. Poe help you determine sources of discomfort and develop optimal health.

Identify Issues

A recent report from the BBC shows that food allergies and intolerances are becoming a widespread global issue, with hospital visits for food allergies increasing by three times in the United States over a 13-year period. With a recognition of how debilitating it can be to live with food or environmental intolerances, Dr. Poe works closely with you to identify the problem.

“In many cases, you may feel frustrated because you have tried almost everything and despite your efforts you are still feeling ill,” she says. “Your lab tests and physical exams are normal, yet you continue to experience discomfort or pain. That’s where I come in!”

Reassess Your Lifestyle

Dr. Poe helps you question your previous concept of health and wellness, prompting you to assess your lifestyle habits and create a personalized plan for optimized well-being. The plan includes detailed guidance about food and activity, as well as tools for finding emotional and physical balance.

You may also undergo bioresonance hair analysis testing at Poe Holistic Health, in which a small hair sample of your hair is used to identify potential food sensitivities, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, nutritional imbalances, and environmental intolerance to types of mold, dust, pollen, or dander.

Pinpoint Toxins

The testing process at Poe Holistic Health can also help pinpoint heavy metal exposures, as well as your gut biome and metabolic health.

Previous clients have positive reviews for the health center and its wellness programs. “Dr. Kristen Poe has helped me tremendously with my GI issues when I was beginning to feel like there was no remedy that would work for me,” says Olivia P. “In just a matter of weeks, she successfully addressed and improved my symptoms that had persisted for years. I heartily recommend her to anyone seeking effective treatment!”

Start reshaping your health and wellness today with help from Dr. Kristen Poe at Poe Holistic Health!

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