Get Bicycle Accident Compensation For Residents and Tourists With This Tampa, Florida Attorney

Dec 14, 2021

Have you sustained injuries from a bicycle accident in Florida? Call the attorneys at Rojas Law Group in Tampa Florida to get expert representation!

Never allow bicycle accidents to leave you out of pocket – call the Rojas Law Group in Tampa, Florida to recover the cost of your medical bills and lost income!

The local attorneys can understand and apply the latest updates in insurance law in order to help you receive proper compensation for any bike and auto-related injuries you sustain during your stay in the sunshine state. 

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Juana Rojas, CEO of the Rojas Law Group in Tampa Florida, is an expert auto and bicycle crash attorney, including ones causing injury and fatality. Her certified team of attorneys can now help you get compensation for fault and no-fault car accidents.

Ms. Rojas graduated from the College of Law at the University of Utah and also holds a BA in psychobiology. She has extensive experience representing people involved in automobile accidents at various successful firms before opening her own office in Tampa.

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Given that Florida’s car insurance laws differ from other states, it is essential that you find a lawyer with specific, local experience. After being involved in a crash, you will need a bicycle accident attorney that can help you achieve a desirable outcome in your lawsuit. Primarily, the Rojas Group recommend that you file a police report in order to establish liability in your insurance settlement.

This includes reporting your injuries and seeking medical attention so there is sufficient information relating to the consequences of your crash on record. The Rojas Law Group of Tampa Florida is comprised of licensed personal injury attorneys and auto accident experts who are committed to getting adequate compensation for your injuries, lost income, and emotional suffering.

A spokesperson for the company said, “If you or a loved one sustained serious or fatal injuries in a bike accident, you should speak with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer right away. Attorney Juana Maria Rojas has the skill, compassion, and resolve necessary to help you prove your case and pursue the compensation you need.”

The Rojas Law Group is the local Tampa, Florida legal team offering expert representation in bicycle-related personal injury lawsuits – call them today at +1-813-879-2223 to get the compensation you deserve!

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