Get Best Bellevue, WA Chronic Pain Relief: Stem Cell Therapy For Osteoarthritis

Jan 12, 2022

May you live in interesting times: sometimes the Chinese curse is actually a blessing. When science fact catches up to science fiction, you are in luck! Call Interventional Orthopedics of Washington (425-326-1665), if you need relief from chronic pain.

Get Best Bellevue, WA Chronic Pain Relief: Stem Cell Therapy For Osteoarthritis

If you have suffered a sports injury that leaves you wincing every day, your choice is usually pain meds or surgery – or both. Neither of these options is very appealing. But Bellevue’s own Dr. Otoño Silva is a regenerative medicine specialist and he can help you.

The clinic he leads takes advantage of recent advances in cellular medicine, which allow you to harness the healing abilities of your own cells in order to mitigate or eliminate pain.

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IOW offers bone marrow concentrate – BMC – cellular therapy, commonly referred to as stem cell therapy, which uses a small amount of concentrated bone marrow from the patient’s hip to restore damaged bone, cartilage, and soft tissues.

The global cell therapy market, currently valued at just under $8 billion is expected to continue growing by approximately 15% per year through 2028. While regulatory approval for myriad treatments progresses slowly, regenerative medicine continues to offer effective treatments for several chronic conditions. Many different types of cells may be used as part of a therapy or treatment for a number of diseases and disorders thanks to new technology.

For BMC cellular therapy, Dr. Silva extracts a tiny amount of hip bone marrow aspirate, via a minimally invasive short procedure, before processing the cells into a concentrate. He then injects that concentrate into the injury sites, using ultrasound or x-ray guidance. This treatment can be effective for a range of chronically painful conditions, including osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and spine pain.

Additional services offered by the clinic include platelet-rich plasma – PRP – therapy, evidence-based treatment that uses your own blood to repair injuries. In this case, Dr. Silva draws blood from your arm, concentrates the platelets and growth factors found in your blood in his lab, then re injects the serum of platelet concentrate back into your tissues. This procedure can target many of the same conditions as BMC cellular therapy. Recommended treatments will vary and depend on discussions between the patient and Dr. Silva.

Otoño Silva, MD is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and fellowship-trained in Interventional Orthopedics. His specialty is non-surgical and natural regenerative injection therapies, used to address sports injuries, common neck and back pain problems such as degenerative disc disease (DDD), herniated discs, and nerve pain. Dr. Silva is among only a few doctors in the country with the training to offer these advanced diagnostics and treatments.

One patient commented: “I was prepared for a hard sell and instead, Dr. Silva gave me information. I had PRP and stem cell therapy about 2 months ago and my life has changed. I am 100% pain-free for everyday activities and the things that are still challenging are getting better. Dr. Silva gave me my life back. I would recommend Dr. Silva to anyone.”

If you ski, play tennis, throw a ball around too often or suffer from restless couch syndrome (no, that’s not a real thing!), you may well suffer from chronic pain – an astonishing percentage of people do.

Go to and see for yourself why regenerative medicine just might be exactly what you are looking for.

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