Get AI Sales Agents That Do Cold Outreach & Lead Generation With This Service

Apr 18, 2024

With Kalendar.AI’s autopilot sales agents, you can create more leads, more sales meetings and way more revenue at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales services.

If traditional sales, marketing and ad efforts haven’t been delivering the results you want or need, and have been putting a drag on your bottom line, Kalendar.AI has an innovative autopilot sales agent service that is sure to bring you a full calendar of sales meetings.

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AI Sales Agents For Better Cold Outreach

Kalendar.AI’s new AI-powered sales solution can offer your B2B business very affordably priced and highly effective autopilot sales agents. The AI agents that Kalendar.AI has created have been designed to handle all your cold outreach needs and have the capability to reach a massive global audience of over 300 million companies.

If your business has been considering how AI technology can improve your workflow, reduce your staffing costs and bring in more revenue, the developers and entrepreneurs behind Kalendar.AI believe their platform can deliver 10 times the ROI of standard sales campaign efforts.

Get Mass Personalized Emails With Guaranteed Deliverability

In addition to searching from the largest pool of worldwide contacts for you, Kalendar.AI’s autopilot sales agents have also been trained to do the initial email outreach and will take the pitch or offer you provide and turn this into a completely personalized email offer.

The best part is—because the platform is using the power of new AI mailbox infrastructure technology—Kalendar.AI can guarantee that the emails their sales agents send will go directly to your lead’s inbox, not to their spam or junk folder.

Seamless Calendly & Zoom Integration

Once these sales agents lay the initial groundwork with your lead, they will schedule an online meeting with a real member of your staff, whether a founder or account executive. Their platform has full integration with both Calendly and Zoom to make this process even more streamlined.

Testimonials From Real Clients

Since its launch at the beginning of this year, Kalendar.AI has already begun making an impression within the B2B sector, and early adopters of the technology have stated that it has successfully generated new leads, new meetings and new revenue for their business.

One such adopter, D. Sharma, the founder of the popular online wellness platform Wellness Coach, said of Kalendar.AI: “For a spend of $800 in the first month, we got 12 meetings with HR execs in various size companies and closed several deals, including one deal worth over $50K alone.”

If you are thinking that an $800 spend for a $50,000 deal is a great ROI, you would be right!

Collin Rice, the director of Fab Fit Fun, found Kalendar.AI to be similarly profitable, saying, “As a prospecting tool for new potential investments, Kalendar.AI replaces the output of at least one full-time employee.”

Considering that the average sales agent salary is $76,381 per year according to Indeed, you would also be right in thinking $800 is a lot less than that!

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