DIY Home Repairs: Waterproofing Cement For Protecting Home Foundations & Patios

Apr 30, 2024

Have you been noticing a lot of small cracks in your home’s foundations lately? With Edco Technologies’ Ectoflex 647, you can seal them before they start letting water into your house! Check out this innovative home waterproofing solution today!

Sometimes, the littlest things can lead to the biggest problems, and that goes for all those tiny chips and holes in your home’s foundation. They may seem pretty insignificant now, which means it’s the best time to patch them up! Don’t wait until water starts seeping into your home from the cracks; use the Ectoflex 647 and take matters into your own hands. You won’t even have to call someone else to do it - it’s that easy to use!

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Water Infiltration: A Costly but Common Problem

Water and ice infiltration are among the most common causes of property damage and home insurance claims. According to the United States’ Insurance Information Institute, around 14,000 homeowners in America alone are affected by water damage each day, with the average claim valued at around $11,650. 

There are way too many culprits of water damage to list, so let’s just focus on the one that’s easiest to fix: cracks and chipping in a home’s foundation. These can encourage water to enter, leading to fungal growth, structural damage, and flooding. If you’ve experienced any one of these situations yourself, you’ll understand how much of a nightmare they can be to rectify! 

To avoid the need for costly repairs, Edco Technologies says that you should proactively inspect your home for any defects. The company also suggests waterproofing the foundations as a preventative measure - and its Ectoflex 647 was developed for this purpose. 

An Easy-To-Use (and Literal) Solution

Intended for use on residential properties specifically, Ectoflex 647 is a flexible cementitious coating that will prevent water and salt penetration for many years, making it particularly suitable for coastal areas. While designed for foundations, Ectoflex 647 can also be used to fortify patios, pathways, stairs, and verandas, and third-party testing has shown that 1 mm of the product offers protection equivalent to 10 mm of concrete. 

Ectoflex 647 is easy to prepare, and basically a dream for anyone dabbling in DIY home repairs; just remove gravel and other debris from the area and you’re set. That said, Edco Technologies also recommends power washing the target surface before using the product. 

Once the area has been cleared, you can combine the Ectoflex 647 polymer with the powder and mix the solution until the consistency resembles pancake batter. After the mixture is prepared, it can be applied using a brush or a roller. Edco Technologies suggests applying at least two thin coats for the best results. You won’t even need that much to get full mileage out of it, because it’s that good at keeping the water out!

Over Two Decades of Innovation

Edco Technologies has been involved with the construction industry for over two decades and is considered a leading brand in the concrete protection market. The company is well-known for its Ectoflex 646, which was used in the construction of the Confederation Bridge, the Tappan Zee Bridge, the Port Mann Bridge, the Regina Bypass, and other significant architectural projects.

All those structures are no worse for wear and continue to be widely used today, and Edco Technologies is proud to be part of the reason for that. When you use the Ectoflex 647, you’re providing your home with the same level of protection that went into those projects. For one of the biggest investments of your life (and one of the most important things you can own), why wouldn’t you go all out to make sure it stays standing?

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