Missouri City Health Clinic Offers Diabetes, Asthma Prevention & Management

Apr 30, 2024

Whether you’re interested in the prevention or treatment of chronic disease, Benech Family Clinic (281-502-4602) offers specialized chronic health management services for Missouri City residents who want to live a long, healthy life.

Chronic disease is a leading cause of disability and death in the United States. It's something all people should take seriously not only for their own lives but for the lives of their loved ones.

If you're a Missouri City resident who wants to be a healthy, supportive friend and family member long into the future, Benech Family Clinic's chronic health management services can help you get there. Want to learn more? Just go to https://www.benechfamilyclinic.com/service/chronic-health-management

Which Diseases Are Chronic?

As the CDC explains, a disease is considered "chronic" when it lasts for longer than a year and requires repeated medical intervention and/or limits your everyday abilities.

Benech Family Clinic's dedicated chronic health management team specializes in managing diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and chronic liver, kidney, and obstructive pulmonary diseases. Patients with various types of cancer can also find support at the clinic.

While the clinic's chronic health management team stresses the importance of prevention, it also specializes in creating personalized treatment plans for patients who have already been diagnosed with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Benech Family Clinic Cares

Benech Family Clinic offers preventative and corrective support to Missouri City residents suffering from chronic diseases, which currently account for 7 out of 10 deaths every year in the U.S.

Depending on your diagnosis, the chronic health management team will apply different treatment techniques while using a holistic, comprehensive approach.

Diabetes is a common condition treated at Benech Family Clinic. In this case, the team focuses its care on keeping a patient's blood sugar at a normal level to prevent their nerves and blood vessels from being damaged, which can eventually lead to heart disease, foot wounds, and vision loss.

If you're concerned about preventing a chronic illness or have already developed one of these conditions, you can schedule a consultation at Benech Family Clinic. To begin, you'll undergo a comprehensive physical exam with a specialized, certified team member.

The chronic health management team will also administer any pertinent diagnostic testing and lab work for you before developing your individualized treatment plan. Possible treatments you can expect include comprehensive lifestyle and dietary changes, an exercise or activity routine, and appropriate medications when necessary.

Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Located in Houston, Benech Family Clinic is proud to provide compassionate and unbiased health care to adults, teens, and children. Along with its chronic health management services, the practice provides women's and men's health, minor surgeries, preventative care, diagnostic testing, and primary care solutions. Benech Family Clinic welcomes walk-ins as well as appointments and has a multilingual team that speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Want to learn more and schedule an appointment with Benech Family Clinic? Make a caring decision for yourself and your loved ones by visiting https://www.benechfamilyclinic.com/

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