Get Personalized Cold Emails & More Leads With This AI Sales Agent Solution

Apr 18, 2024

If your business needs seed funding and a bigger network of B2B contacts, Kalendar.AI is here to save you a stack of money on costly sales agents and bring you unbeatable ROI with their AI mass email bots.

Do you want an affordable and effective way to send mass emails out to prospective B2B leads? Then you want Kalendar.AI. Do you also want your mass emails to be personalized, engaging, and capable of turning any lead into a guaranteed conversion? Then you really want Kalendar.AI. And, if you also want these emails to be sure to land in an inbox, not a spam folder, you guessed it, you want Kalendar.AI!

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Grow With A New Cold Outreach & Lead Gen Solution

Kalendar.AI will bring your company a team of AI sales agents who can send out mass emails to targeted and qualified leads, using smart inbuilt technology to ensure these emails stay out of the spam folder and make it to the right inboxes.

If you head up a small business, new business or new startup and you need to raise seed funding and build your network of B2B contacts, Kalendar.AI is a total game changer!

Increase Your ROI & Reach On B2B Sales

The team of developers behind Kalendar.AI knows that traditional sales agents are costly—and so too are outsourced sales, marketing and ad services—which is why they are so excited to be bringing you their bots. This simple yet powerful solution can help you to reduce your staffing costs while creating a full calendar of sales meetings.

You need to only to define your target audience and articulate what your pitch or offer for B2B contacts is, and then Kalendar.AI’s AI bots will transform this into a complete cold outreach email campaign.

Their AI sales agents have the power to reach hundreds of millions of companies worldwide with their targeted and personalized mass emails, which is way more than a traditional sales agent could achieve.

Use AI For Increased Mass Email Deliverability

In addition to sending perfectly worded, engaging and enticing emails on your behalf, Kalendar.AI has also partnered with Woodpecker AI, a well-known mailbox infrastructure tool, to increase email deliverability.

As a spokesperson for the developers behind Kalendar.AI explained, “Our AI Agents utilize a sophisticated AI-Mailbox infrastructure designed to circumvent spam filters, which can be a significant barrier in email marketing campaigns. This AI-Mailbox is trained to understand the difference between spam and legitimate business communications. Using advanced algorithms, it tailors the delivery of emails to avoid common triggers that might classify the mail as spam.”

For Kalendar.AI, the goal is not only that your company will reach a bigger audience but a better one, and to ensure that the custom personalized emails that their sales agents send are read by the recipient.

Enjoy Seamless Sales Meeting Booking

Once their AI bots have made favorable contact with a prospective stakeholder, funder, client, associate, or other B2B contact, they will then book a meeting between your account execs and this lead. As Kalendar.AI is also integrated with Calendly and Zoom, this entire process is completely seamless.

If you’re ready to increase your meetings, get more funding and build more B2B relationships, go to

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