Get Affordable London Private Jet Hire With Villiers Flight Concierge Service

Aug 6, 2020

If you’re worried about flying into or out of the UK during the pandemic, have you thought about private jet hire? It simplifies the process hugely and you can get great deals here!

When it comes to simplified travel during the pandemic, you can’t beat private jets. If you’re looking for great deals, this guide has you covered!

A new online guide has been launched highlighting the many advantages that traveling to and from London via private jet offers you. Current restrictions make international terminals such as London Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick worrying environments. Private jets offer a way to bypass much of this.

Private jet hire is no longer the exclusive preserve of the super-wealthy or corporate highfliers. Villiers Jets gives you access to a worldwide fleet of over 10,000 private jets which are for hire flying in and out of 40,000 destinations.

With the UK travel market facing many short-term difficulties created by the pandemic, including the ever-present threat of more destinations requiring quarantine at short notice, many more people are choosing to fly into and out of London via private jet.

The downturn in international jet travel has created some low-price opportunities for fully equipped, luxurious private jets. There are also opportunities to further reduce the cost of private air travel through flight sharing and taking advantage of any planes that would otherwise be returning empty to their home airport.

Villiers Jets have worldwide expertise in corporate air travel, with real-time access to the location of every private jet for hire in the world. This ensures they are ideally placed to take advantage of these opportunities when they occur to help minimise the cost of private air travel, even on trips with multiple destinations.

London has three major international airports, all a long way from central London and with busy, crowded terminals. Choosing to fly by private charter removes this difficulty by giving access to the discrete world of London’s private jet terminals.

This removes the need for queueing, excessive security, and the risk of possible flight delays. Private jet VIP terminals offer complete safety assurances during the pandemic and and ensure many more hours can be spent at the destination.

Each Villiers customer has a personal travel consultant who will be able to discuss the destinations available and the range of planes. If any opportunities for flight sharing are available, or using planes that would otherwise be returning empty, these too can be discussed.

The Villiers consultant will book all necessary tickets and confirm by email. If assistance is required with car hire or hotel bookings, this can be provided.

Go to for all the details you need.

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