Get A Top Cyber Security System To Grant & Revoke Non-Human Identity Privileges

Apr 6, 2022

Want to know the best-kept secrets of cyber security? Talk to Britive (206-653-4001) about upgrading your secrets management system. Improve your data protection performance while enhancing your operations!

Get A Top Cyber Security System To Grant & Revoke Non-Human Identity Privileges

Want an easy and guaranteed solution to network security and access across your entire organization? Talk to Britive about its leading secrets management services today!

With cybercrime on the rise and data protection compliance becoming an increasingly stringent regulatory process, the renowned app development and security agency has announced updated cloud-based security solutions for businesses.

Britive's latest launch offers you a dedicated cloud secrets manager to help police and optimize vault security, centralized visibility, and SaaS and cloud environment control. The company specializes in helping companies like yours manage and store their passwords and sensitive credentials alongside API and encryption keys across different locations.

When it comes to IT security, you need a partner you can trust. For the ultimate in flexible and ultra-reliable secrets management solutions, choose Britive. More details at

The announcement details a range of benefits for organizations of all sizes. The company's Secrets Sprawl services protect your sensitive data through secure and centralized storage. Britive provides innovative technical solutions to help you mitigate the risk of cyber security breaches and compromised user access protocols.

Secrets management has become increasingly important with the rise of remote working in the wake of the global pandemic. Teams spread across different locations need swift and secure access to sensitive information and company data. This information is vulnerable when being transmitted across an organization, making secrets management a crucial cog in the safeguarding of data in modern business.

Britive leverages both machine and human IDs to rapidly action DevOp processes. This gives you hard-coded privilege credentials via which you can access sensitive resources, guaranteeing a secure workflow for your employees with access where and when it is needed.

Other advantages for Britive clients include IT management software automation to track development usage, proven solutions to grant non-human identity privileges without compromising those same automation procedures, maintenance of cross-cloud visibility across entire organizations, and implementation of just-in-time (JIT) access protocols.

About Britive

Headquartered in Glendale, CA, the company has been providing advanced cyber security solutions since 2018. Britive clients include medium to large businesses and Fortune 500 companies across sectors as diverse as healthcare, entertainment, media, retail, and the automotive industry. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “The Britive platform helps organizations implement cloud security best practices like just-in-time (JIT) access and zero standing privileges (ZSP) to prevent security breaches and operational disruptions while increasing efficiency and user productivity.”

You can find more about Britive's technology at

With its latest service updates, Britive continues to lead the way in secrets management solutions for businesses in the digital age.

Deal with data leakage and protect those passwords. Find out more here:

If you're struggling to keep up with the ever-shifting demands of security protocols for data and access for your team, let the experts at Britive implement the ultimate secure system that won't compromise your workflow.

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