Get A Patient Email Database Reactivation Campaign For Your US Dental Clinic

Sep 23, 2022

Did you get into the health and wellness industry to make a real difference in people’s lives but you can’t get enough clients to keep your business running? Sonfu Digital Solutions’ database reactivation helps you convert existing leads without a huge ad spend. (804-324-3095)

Get A Patient Email Database Reactivation Campaign For Your US Dental Clinic

Are you already sitting on a goldmine? Stop spending thousands of dollars acquiring new leads when you can simply reconnect with your dormant contacts! Talk to Sonfu Digital Solutions about its database reactivation services for your healthcare business.

The company provides a full suite of lead regeneration tools to help you maximize the potential of an inactive client base and widen your market reach through targeted locally-focused campaigns and long-term marketing strategies.

Turn possibilities into paying patients with Sonfu Digital! More details at

The company’s database reactivation solutions represent a cost-effective way to increase your margins without needing to invest more in expensive ad campaigns. Harnessing the power of email, SMS, voice drops, social media, and direct mail, the expert team offers you proven strategies to win back lost customers.

Email remains a potent tool for marketers, with Forbes reporting that it delivers, on average, $42 back for every dollar spent. Sonfu Digital ensures that you capitalize on existing email contacts, many of whom you will have done business with in the past. This allows you to build on historical marketing to reclaim customers who are already converted to your products and services.

The Sonfu system automatically fills your schedule with new appointments from these existing leads. This method works particularly well for small healthcare businesses that need to prioritize improving patient outcomes rather than be distracted chasing new customers.

The process begins with identifying inactive customers before deciding on a schedule for reactivation emails to be sent out. The team can also advise you on the right kind of content to include to maximize the chances of bringing customers back into the fold. Sample testing and incentives can also leverage greater returns for these campaigns.

In addition to these services, Sonfu Digital also offers local SEO consulting, content marketing solutions, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media services. The agency is headed by veteran digital marketer and web development expert Sonnie Donaby.

A spokesperson says, “Traditional marketing approaches are sometimes too pricey for smaller businesses. By implementing the ideal database reactivation campaign, you can get your previous clients back. One study found that getting a new client is five times more expensive than maintaining an existing one.”

Sonfu Digital Solutions empowers small health and wellness businesses across the US with innovative yet affordable marketing strategies. Don’t wait! Reactivate!

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Make this year your best yet with some magic marketing from Sonfu Digital!

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