Customer Reactivation Software For Gyms & Spas: Re-Engage Your Clients

Sep 20, 2023

Have your customers been dropping like flies? Maybe it’s time to get them back with Sonfu Digital Solutions LLC’s Wellness Accelerated System for health and wellness businesses.

If you're a gym owner, you will know firsthand just how hard it is to hang on to loyal customers.

Let's face it... us humans get lazy, and keeping up that gym membership often falls to the wayside, particularly in the winter months. But do not fear because, before you know it, January will arrive, bringing with it the famous #NewYearNewMe. It's time to reignite those sleeping clients with Sonfu Digital Solutions' customer reactivation system.

The tool is designed to re-engage your customers who may have discontinued business for a variety of reasons. Through its Wellness Accelerated System, Sonfu Digital Solutions helps you reactivate previously established clients to increase your revenue and enhance customer experience.

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In a report from Sonfu Digital Solutions, the company explains how customer reactivation is far more cost-effective than customer acquisition. Without the need for paid advertising, you can re-engage with your dormant customers, building better relationships in the process. Understanding why your customers have ceased business can help you provide a better service in the future.

The company's Wellness Accelerated System reactivates your leads using automated SMS and email nurturing strategies. Utilizing your current client lists of 100+ contacts, the system increases closing rates and creates more sales. According to research from Science Direct, the probability of selling to an existing customer stands at 60-70% compared to 5-20% for newly acquired ones. So don't waste time on advertising - you've got a whole army of sleeping clients ready to wake up and rejoin you.

As explained by the company, customer reactivation almost always leads to customer acquisition from word-of-mouth marketing, making it one of the highest ROI marketing tools out there. Learn more at

Aimed at health and wellness business owners, Sonfu Digital Solution’s reactivation system considers factors such as length of inactivity, purchase history and demographics when contacting your inactive customers. As a report from the company explains, identifying the characteristics of dormant customers means that reactivation efforts can be tailored accordingly to your business needs.

One satisfied customer said: "This system could be a game changer in terms of reaching out to former clients, especially ones that you haven't spoken to in the last couple of months or years. I don't have a sales team so this strategy is ideal in terms of bringing in new clients whilst keeping my costs down.”

About Sonfu Digital Solutions

The company was founded by Sonnie Donaby, a digital marketing expert, who started off his career supporting small businesses with the creation of websites and e-commerce shops. Sonnie now helps health and wellness business owners integrate digital marketing solutions, such as the Wellness Accelerated System, to reach their goals.

Breaking up is hard to do. Let the team at Sonfu Digital Solutions win your customers back by booking an accelerator call today. Find out more at

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