Get A Job In Big Tech As A Software Tester In 9 Weeks With This Master Class

Jul 30, 2023

With more and more people wanting to work from home, Test Pro is providing an online program that allows you to master the profitable profession of software testing in just nine weeks.

Work from home, earn six figures, and get qualified in one of the most lucrative jobs there is. Those are just some of the perks of training with Test Pro.

Their new course is provided online and takes place over nine weeks. It’s aimed at office workers seeking a career change, housewives, immigrants, and more. It’s suitable for those with no previous IT experience and allows you to get your start in the IT industry.

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Aspiring IT professional? Good news. You can now access a wide range of practical lessons and video theory sessions that teach you the fundamentals of software testing. You’ll get expert guidance from an instructor who has a wealth of experience in the industry. The course covers many software testing topics, including test classification and basic coding.

Software testing is a popular and lucrative career field. It is also known as quality assurance and allows you to work from home. As a software tester, you will test the functionality of apps and devices using various methods. You’ll decide if new tech is fit for purpose through a set of criteria.

You'll undertake twelve modules. In the early part of the course, you'll learn about classification methods and test documentation. Next, an instructor will explain JavaScript, HTML, and web technologies. Finally, you are trained in test automation, continuous integration, and functional testing.

After completing the course, you may start earning $35 an hour or more. You’re able to start your IT career in less than three months without completing an expensive degree. Many graduates use the course to generate a secondary income.

Interested? You should visit the company’s website to enroll. A complimentary trial of the program is available.

A spokesperson for the company says, “Software testing is one of the happiest and most lucrative jobs in the world and does not require time spent in college. It has become increasingly popular during the pandemic and allows people to earn six-digit salaries."

About The Company

Test Pro is a digital learning platform that offers beginner-friendly IT programs. They want to make the IT industry accessible to everybody, including complete novices. They also offer their graduates career support.

Are you ready to kickstart your career in software testing? With Test Pro, rewarding IT careers are no longer out of reach.

Go to if you would like more info on Test Pro and their updated software testing program.

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