Get A Free 401k Plan Comparison Report In Sausalito, CA – Grow Your Firm’s Gains

Aug 25, 2021

Are you an attorney or lawyer, practicing in Sausalito, California or surrounding areas, and looking for better options when it comes to benefits and 401k plans? Contact SK Capital today to measure your current 401k plan against competitors in the region and industry!

SK Capital, an independent wealth management firm, provides a free benchmark report service for all law firms, lawyers, and attorneys in California. Part of its complete retirement planning solutions for lawyers, the report can show you how your plan ranks against other providers. This is key and foundational to optimizing the growth of your investments.

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Through this service, the company offers a way to make improvements to an attorney, lawyer, and law firm’s 401k plan. Information from the benchmark report will allow SK Capital to formulate steps to create a more cost-efficient proposal for you.

Oftentimes, law firms are charged high fees caused by their plans being run by multiple third parties. Since most fees are deducted from plan assets, this hinders investment growth.

Using their services increases fees, and becomes more expensive compared to working with an independent advisor.

SK Capital works with Charles Schwab 401k plans, which makes it easy to set up retirement plans for a business regardless of its size.

By restructuring current systems in place, SK Capital states that savings on annual plan fees have shown to be significant in past cases.

Not only does the firm suggest ways of improving your 401k plans through their report, but they also target other areas that may need reassessment like employee turnover, investment performance, and more.

About SK Capital

The firm is operated by Sammy Khalil – an independent advisor. As a Fiduciary, he keeps your best interest at the forefront of all financial recommendations provided.

SK Capital focuses on offering its expertise when mapping out a path to reach your investment goals. All client assets are kept at the Charles Schwab Corporation.

The company operates on a fee-only structure with no hidden charges. Through their portfolio management service, they will propose timely actions to lessen potential risks when these arise.

A spokesperson says: “At SK Capital, we offer personalized wealth management services that include objective advice and modern strategies to people nationwide. The actions you take now with your wealth can impact your future financial goals.”

Ready to maximize your 401k financial efficiency and increase your investment success?

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