Get A Flip Out Pass-Thru Window With Easy Lock & Seamless Countertop Connection

May 27, 2023

OpenUp Windows offers you the ultimate in pass-through window design with their bespoke flip-out service windows. Complete with easy locking handle and 3-sided frame for seamless countertop integration, these gas strut awning windows optimize functionality for indoor/outdoor living in style.

If you live in a home with a patio, and no easy access to that patio, it can make backyard barbecues and socializing pretty difficult. All that precarious stacking of trays you need to ferry outside to the patio from the kitchen, only to return for another load of stuff, and back and forth it goes. That's no fun. And it certainly isn't practical.

With a pass-through service window from OpenUp Windows, you can wave goodbye to all that inconvenience and say hello to easy, relaxing, uninterrupted outdoor dining and socializing.

An OpenUp Windows' bespoke flip-out pass-through window connects your kitchen with your patio, backyard, and pool area through a gas strut design system and a 3-sided frame for flush countertop integration. There's even a single-handle locking system for easy open and shut convenience.

Imagine a panoramic view of the outdoors, fresh breezes blowing into your home, and a flood of natural light brightening up your kitchen area. With a pass-through window from OpenUp Windows, you get all of that, plus a beautiful home feature that makes indoor/outdoor living and socializing easier and a lot more fun.

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OpenUp Windows’ flip-out technology promotes uninterrupted outdoor entertainment and the effortless exchange of food, beverages, and dishes from one area to another. Factory glazed and pre-hung for easy installation, your pass-through window opens easily to a 90-degree angle and shuts easily with a simple and secure locking handle.

As the innovators of what's now known as 2Fold Technology, OpenUp Windows blends heavy-duty materials with thoughtful aesthetics to create a bespoke flip-out window.

“Features meet functionality in our carefully constructed windows that integrate the indoors with the outdoors,” says a company spokesperson. “Ed Page has invented a serving window that takes everything into consideration, including replaceable gas struts at each jam which are fully concealed when the window is shut.”

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Inventor and entrepreneur, Ed Page has put his 40+ years of experience as a window and door designing engineer toward creating and presiding over OpenUp Windows, a company committed to producing the industry’s most durable, well-crafted pass-through awning windows.

Page’s proprietary 2Fold Technology combines an extruded tubular aluminum sash and frame exterior with an Accoya wood sash interior and frame to achieve a serving window that’s strong, cost-effective, and long-lasting.

Known for its resilience and rich finish, Accoya is a sustainably sourced wood harvested after a 12-year growth cycle and treated with a natural pickling process to deliver a weather-resistant and pest- and termite-proof product.

In addition to the easy locking system, OpenUp Windows’ flip-out design can include a retractable pleated insect screen that folds up inside the top of the window for easy pull-down use.

Ideal for home kitchens, bars, and restaurants, OpenUp Windows’ bespoke flip-out window design with seamless countertop integration makes indoor/outdoor living and socializing easier and more accessible than ever.

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