Gas Strut Flip-Out Window For Restaurants Has Luxury Minimalist Design

Jun 3, 2023

OpenUp Windows is bringing luxury minimalism to the popular commercial servery window. Transform the way you serve your patrons with OpenUp.

Take your bar or restaurant to the next level with a stylish, luxury servery window from OpenUp Windows, New York’s bespoke window makers.

OpenUp Windows’ servery window gives you a unique gas strut flip-out design, which will allow your new window to naturally hold itself open at a 90-degree angle. Their commercial model has been adopted by hundreds of commercial clients across the US, particularly restaurants and bars, and with their new minimalist model, they are now reaching out to upscale venues like yours, if you are looking for bespoke luxury design features.

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With American customers ever more discerning about venue aesthetics, OpenUp Windows appreciates that you likely want design additions that are both functional and stylish. As such, they have now crafted their popular servery window in a style that they call luxury minimalism.

Using sustainable and high-quality materials like Accoya® wood and extruded aluminum, OpenUp has crafted their new window to be versatile and modern looking. You can now also select from an array of luxury finishes like bronze or matte black with nickel silver and darkened bronze accents available to you.

You can access more information about their new minimalist design at

From a functional perspective, their gas strut flip-out sill-less window now also comes with a secure and easy single-handle locking system you and your staff will love. Head Engineer and Designer Ed Page also describes this new single-locking system as a choice that “ensures optimal aesthetics on your countertop.”

OpenUp Windows believes commercial servery windows can offer your bar or restaurant more practical use of both your indoor and outdoor spaces and more streamlined ordering and serving processes. They also suggest that this type of window creates a better flow between spaces for a more welcoming and lively atmosphere, and new entertainment possibilities.

OpenUp Windows has been crafting bespoke and custom windows for commercial clients in America for almost 40 years. They back up the quality of their designs with a 10-year warranty and they also have a 4-6 week delivery guarantee on all windows.

The bespoke window makers said, “​Features meet functionality in this carefully constructed window that has been thoughtfully designed to give your patrons incredible meals, conversations, and memories. Our Chief Engineer, Ed Page, did not overlook a single detail in crafting our new luxury commercial servery window.”

Bring some luxury minimalism, as well as more fun and more functionality to your business with OpenUp Windows.

Visit to see how OpenUp can transform the look and feel of your bar or restaurant.

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