Funny Santa & Mistletoe Dish Towel: Holiday Gift Under $25 For A Christmas Lover

Nov 23, 2022

GetBullish has a vast collection of unique empowering tea towels that are machine washable and make for the perfect holiday gift under $15.

Funny Santa & Mistletoe Dish Towel: Holiday Gift Under $25 For A Christmas Lover

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gift to give this Christmas, GetBullish has the answer with their holiday fun dish towels.

Their new collection includes unique high-quality towels that have been made by some of the US’ most renowned design houses and their novelty messages range from the silly to the inspirational. GetBullish believes that their new tea towels will make the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends and co-workers this Christmas.

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The launch coincides with the fast approaching Christmas holidays. While this should be a moment of joy and happiness, according to a recent news report on Yahoo, this year more than 70% of Americans say they are stressed about buying gifts, with financial stress being a significant factor.

If you’re one of these under-stress shoppers, GetBullish is proud to be offering you a gift that is both unique, empowering and fun, as well as practical and affordable. You’ll love that their entire range of new dish towels is priced under $25 and they are all machine-washable.

The store is also proud to recommend you their top towels to give this Christmas.

1. Top Towels for Christmas Lovers

If you are in the market for a distinctly seasonal Christmas-themed dish towel to gift, the store recommends their comedic ‘Santa Wants Organic Coconut Milk and Gluten-Free Cookies’ tea towel to you. This one-of-a-kind towel features an illustrated Santa as a reimagined NY millennial hipster. If you’re after a more sentimental piece, another great addition to their Christmas collection is their ‘Kiss Me Mistletoe Holiday’ kitchen towel. This one features a minimalist gold mistletoe illustration and is recommended to you if you are looking to add in a final stocking stuffer for your partner or spouse.

2. Top Towels for Christmas Comedians

If you know you’re giving a gift to a person who really embraces the silly part of the silly season, GetBullish has perfect new additions like their bucolic range of animal pun dish cloths. These have all been illustrated with retro and warm animal scenes and feature cursive hand-embroidered text that contrasts their tongue-in-cheek messages. Top new picks your favorite comedian will love include their ‘Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers’, ‘Sheep Happens’, ‘Don’t Duck With Me’ and ‘You Goat This’ novelty towels.

3. Top Towels for a Girl Power Christmas

In alignment with the store’s mission of offering you ‘Fem-Power’ gifts, they also have a selection of sweetly illustrated fruit, vegetable and flower-themed towels with uplifting and playful messages for the best feminist in your life. Top picks you’ll both smile over include ‘Have A Zest For Life’, which features watercolor-style lemons, ‘Kick Some Asaparagass’, which has an asparagus print, and ‘Thistle Be A Beautiful Day’ which has dreamy thistle illustrations.

Whether you are looking to gift something seasonal, something silly or something sweet, GetBullish has a novelty dish towel to match. They also retail fun pot holders, oven mitts and other kitchen enhancers.

A spokesperson for the online retailers said, “Make your kitchen cuter and funnier with a variety of funny tea towels and dish towels. Novelty kitchen towels from the GetBullish shop also make excellent gifts this Christmas.”

This year, Christmas is sorted thanks to GetBullish.

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