Freeport, NY Private Elementary Tutoring: 1-on-1 Lessons In English & Science

Sep 13, 2023

Every parent wants their child to succeed at school. Whether your child needs tailored intervention or just a confidence boost, RJB Tutoring (347-467-0558) is here to help.

There are so many benefits to private tutoring: strengthening subject knowledge, boosting confidence and developing essential learning skills, to name a few. Embark on a journey to success with RJB Tutoring and let their experienced tutors bring out the best in your child!

RJB Tutoring offers virtual and in-person tutoring, delivered by educational professionals with a wide subject knowledge and understanding of different learning styles. Maximizing the way students learn, RJB Tutoring is committed to providing your child with the confidence they need to achieve educational success.

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The company’s elementary programs run from Kindergarten to 5th grade and are tailored to each student’s individual needs. Teachers use a combination of activities, such as problem solving, reading comprehension, pattern matching and sentence building, to ensure your child builds the necessary core skills in math, reading, writing and science.

Each program has been carefully devised by subject experts to match the curriculum for each grade. For example, in the Kindergarten program, children develop a passion for reading through the teaching of alphabet recognition, sound awareness and pronunciation.

RJB’s 3rd and 4th grade English programs teach the fundamentals of grammar, providing your child with the knowledge of different word classes and punctuation. This enables them to become better writers and, by 5th grade, master the art of writing comprehensive and well-structured essays, including how to proofread and edit any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

The company also offers science tuition, supporting your child in understanding a range of different scientific topics including properties of matter, basic body systems and their functions, various Earth systems (such as the water cycle) and the solar system. RJB’s certified science tutors are experienced in delivering tricky concepts in a fun and supportive way.

Acknowledging that parents lead very busy lives, RJB Tutors provides private in-home sessions with tutors coming to your house or via remote learning. You can access an online tutoring folder to view your child’s lesson summaries and to keep track of tutoring hours.

RJB Tutoring provides a no-contract service, offering you a complimentary session before booking a tutoring package. With convenient and flexible scheduling, you can book sessions around other life commitments, meaning that your child will never miss out on valuable learning.

One satisfied customer said: “My daughter was at risk of repeating 5th grade, even though I had enrolled her at a tutoring center. The tutor from RJB Tutoring traveled to my home and helped improve her reading, writing and math skills. She passed the grade and this is the only tutoring service I will use from now on.”

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