Free SEO Domain Authority & Rating Checker For Business Traffic Generation

Sep 8, 2023

Like an almighty master, Google controls the internet. There’s a multitude of reasons why he keeps banishing you to page 432 of the search engine, and it’s time to discover them. Raise your SEO game with Link Daddy’s new domain authority checking tool for businesses.

More website traffic means more customers. More customers means more money. The struggle to improve your Google ranking is real but it's not impossible to reach that desirable page one. Step aside page 432: we're moving up in the world!

Link Daddy's domain authority checker calculates the strength of specific website pages, giving business owners a search engine ranking score. This information can then be used to inform your strategy plans and drive more traffic towards your website.

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The tool from Link Daddy also provides you with information regarding backlinks and referral domains, two key ranking factors that can strengthen your website’s authority. As the company explains, a good domain authority score is anywhere between 50 and 60, with scores above 60 being considered excellent. Link Daddy’s domain authority tool supports you in checking your current visibility and provides advice for improving your visibility in the future.

According to research from, 90.63% of pages receive no organic search traffic from Google and only 5.7% of pages across the internet will rank in the top 10 search results in their first year of publication. Do not become one these statistics! By using Link Daddy’s tool, you may discover that you have a low domain authority score. But do not panic as the company provides a free report detailing how to raise your domain authority and generate more traffic.

Link Daddy’s advice includes building more backlinks, improving the readability of your website content and tweaking on-page SEO, such as utilizing keyword optimization and meta title tags. The company’s CEO, Tony Peacock, offers complimentary strategy calls for business owners in need of further advice.

If you are looking for a more hands-on approach to increasing your domain authority, you can utilize Link Daddy LLC’s domain power booster service to improve your website’s visibility and ranking. This involves the checking and removal of bad backlinks and the creation of new, relevant ones that work through a variety of channels.

One satisfied customer said: “This is an invaluable service from a team who know how to use link-building services to boost rankings. Tony is a pleasure to work with and adds value where he can. Our business, a niche tailoring website, has improved significantly in rankings all the way from Singapore. A highly recommended domain authority tool and service!”

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