Forget DIY, Get The Best Solar Contractor In Apple Valley To Install Your Panels

Oct 11, 2021

Are you ready to switch to solar? Don’t try it yourself, trust the experts at Option One Solar (855-502-6363) to install an efficient residential solar system, at a fair price.

Even if you love DIY projects, you should hire the professional solar panel installers at Option One Solar.

The company's recent report entitled “Should you DIY Residential Solar?” discusses the advantages and disadvantages of installing your own residential solar system.

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The article can help you decide whether to proceed with your own installation project or rely on a professional solar contractor. It discusses factors such as price, safety, physical strength required, requisite knowledge of electrical systems, and warranties.

The report highlights a few pros for DIY solar installations, including potential cost savings and enhanced decision-making power. You can save money on labor costs, choose a cheaper brand of equipment, and pay as you go instead of paying an upfront fee. You will also be intimately familiar with the solar system you install and should be able to identify issues down the line.

However, the writer advises that solar system installations are complex and must comply with a variety of safety regulations and local building codes. You may find it difficult to calculate your kWh usage by the hour, install a net metering system, choose the correct orientation and angle for your panels, and connect your system to the grid or a backup battery.

Some other cons discussed in the report include physical strain from lifting the equipment, the danger of electrocution, lack of warranties, and insurance hurdles to jump through. Overall, the author suggests that a professional contractor may cost you a little more upfront, but it can complete the installation faster and safer, and keep your solar system operating at maximum efficiency.

The experts at Option One Solar tackle a range of solar projects using reliable products, tools, and techniques. The company performs residential and commercial solar system installations throughout San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles counties.

A satisfied customer said: “They offered me the highest quality equipment and materials and a custom design to fit my energy efficiency requirements. Their installation crew was very knowledgeable and informative. They finished the job in a very expeditious manner. High-quality installation techniques. Great 25 year warranties. Reliable company.”

If you are ready to go green, call Option One Solar at 855-502-6363 for a quote.

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