Find Out Where To Get The Best FDA Approved Thermal Mylar Emergency Blankets By Visiting This Website

Mar 23, 2017

Learn how to keep warm and alive when caught in harsh weather by visiting the Patch Up Product’s website. The first aid expert’s now stock emergency thermal blankets made from high quality NASA designed Mylar that are easy to take everywhere, and have many practical home and outdoor uses beyond survival.

Patch Up Products has launched a new Emergency Blanket Kit. Patch Up Products are first aid experts specializing in first aid kits, re-fill kits and other emergency supplies.

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Patch Up Products is an online first aid equipment manufacturer who sells their products exclusively through Amazon. They offer a comprehensive first aid kit, a re-fill kit and other emergency supplies for the family home, office, survival, camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Their new Emergency Blanket Kit comes in a tough durable nylon bag containing 12 individually wrapped 84" x 52" silver thermal insulation blankets made from Mylar that was developed by NASA space technology. These hardy waterproof sheets are designed to withstand the harshest weather and outdoor conditions.

The high quality Mylar sheets are individually wrapped for protection and labeled for quick identification when needed. They are incredibly light weight and compact allowing them to be easily be kept in backpacks, purses, sports bags, glove boxes, suitcases and first aid kits in case unexpected severe weather conditions arise.

The Mylar blankets do not need to be limited to emergency use as they have hundreds of other functions. These include lining pet crates for warmth, keeping homes warm in winter and cool in the summer, and many others uses as well. The Emergency Blanket Kit comes with an "Instruction Guide" that gives directions for survival use and directions for other practical uses for these thermal sheets. In addition, All Patch Up Products come with a free "First Aid Guide For Common Accidents and Injuries".

The Patch Up Products website also provides a selection of first aid related reports for customers to read. These reports are focused on first aid equipment, safety tips, and other related news. One of the latest reports is about what essentials should be kept in a first aid kit for families referencing American Red Cross guidelines.

The Patch-Up Mylar Emergency 12-Pack Kit is available exclusively on Amazon.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website at

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