The Best Hiker Emergency Preparedness Kit To Keep You Safe No Matter What Comes Your Way

Oct 7, 2017

The unique Survival Kit provided by Patch-Up Products in a tough, compact case with all the essential emergency gear that campers, hikers and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts ‘must-have’ to be safe in case the unexpected occurs, is now available on Amazon.

The popular Patch-Up Survival Kit and its essential emergency gear that comes in a tough, compact case that hikers, campers or wilderness adventurers can easily take with them anywhere is now available on Amazon.

More information can be consulted at the Patch Up Products website

The Patch-Up Survival Kit is one of the most well known and trusted survival kits among camping, hiking, trekking and outdoor adventure aficionados who understand the importance of heading out being well-prepared in case the unexpected occurs.

The popular survival and emergency preparedness kit which comes in a tough water and shockproof case built to last and withstand the most extreme weather conditions while keeping the contents safe with an airtight seal, is now available on Amazon.

The kit offers twelve professional quality survival tools, including a fire starter, 9 function multi-tool pliers, a flash light, an 11 function survival saber card, a wire saw, a folding knife, fishing lines and hooks, a compass, a tactical defense pen, a mini light and a rescue whistle, all made with hard plastic, stainless steel or aluminum alloy to guarantee no rust or corrosion.

With its compact, portable size, it also ensures it can be easily stored in the car or carried in a backpack and bug out bag to assist when there's a need to start a fire with no matches, make a shelter, open bottles or cans, find the way in the middle of the wilderness, see at night, signal search or rescue teams, fish and prepare food or protect against animals and intruders.

The Patch-Up Products team explains that “this compact 12-in-1 Survival Kit is perfect for all those who want to head out on a hike or an outdoor adventure being safe and well prepared. It comes in a tough waterproof case and offers all the lifesaving gear that one ‘must have’ for everyday outdoor activities, wilderness treks and survival when lost or stranded.”

More information on the Patch-Up Survival Kit and its emergency gear, warranty and the complete ‘Instructions for Use’ PDF provided upon purchase can be consulted on the website link provided above or through its Amazon storefront CLICK HERE.

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