Treat Yourself, Family & Friends For Sprains, Burns, Accidents & Common Injuries With This Guide & First Aid Kit From Patch-Up Products

Jun 28, 2017

Learn how to deal with common accidents & emergencies with this First Aid Guide from Patch Up Products, found on its website in conjunction with its First Aid Kit. The well stocked Kit has 275 items & is intended for large families and groups.

  • treat yourself family amp friends for sprains burns accidents amp common injurie
  • treat yourself family amp friends for sprains burns accidents amp common injurie

A new First Aid Guide has been launched by Patch Up Products, in conjunction with the release of their new First Aid Kit. The Guide underscores some of the things people should be aware of when they’re out and about to ensure they and their family stay safe, and shows people how they can use the products in the Patch-Up First Aid Kit to protect themselves.

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The Patch-Up First Aid Kit is loaded with 275 individual pieces including 40 unique items, all geared towards helping people to be protected and stay safe in the home, playing sports, and while outdoor adventuring or traveling.

It contains items for small cuts, burns, bites and stings, medical instruments and supplies, items for taking care of large wounds, severe bleeding, burns, scrapes and also other types of injuries including sprains.

These treatment items include bandages, hand wash packs, sting relief packs, burn cream packs, scissors, tweezers, thermometers, medical face masks, sterile gauze pads, non adherent wound pads, eye patches, ice pack, a thermal blanket, along with many other items.

The company’s Family First Aid Guide shows care and treatment for common injuries and accidents, and shows people the best ways to act when injuries and accidents do occur.

For example, it explains that for general emergencies, people should make sure not to put themselves in harm’s way, and to never perform first aid in a manner that will cause harm to themselves or the victims.

It goes on to say that what people can do in the case of general emergencies is to provide a safe environment, which can mean turning off a stove, nearby electricity and equipment, or having someone to direct traffic when near a road.

It also covers other areas of first aid, like treating burns, caring for people who have had an electric shock, been poisoned, suffered a fracture, endured a sprain, fainting incident, stroke, heart attack, or have had a tooth knocked out, and much more.

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