Financial Sustainability Solution For Non-Profits Reduces Bills & Overheads

Mar 12, 2024

Recession Resister wants your non-profit to cut its costs so you can put more of the funds you raise into both your charitable initiatives and growth – and keep making a difference.

It’s no surprise that if your main mission is doing good, you want to spend every dollar you raise on your charitable initiatives. However, this can leave you with big expenses and overheads you can’t cover. That’s why you need Recession Resister. The expense management experts are on a mission to help non-profits like yours cut your overheads so you can do more good.

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Set Up Your Non-Profit For Long-Term Financial Success

Their new financial evaluation and cost management service is particularly recommended to you if you have a newer non-profit within its first five or ten years of operation. The team at Recession Resister wants you to know that these first years are critical in establishing your organization and setting up its financial structure for a long and successful life. 

As a recent report from the National Center on Charitable Statistics showcased, today over 30% of non-profits in the United States fail within the first 10 years, a high percentage mostly attributed to poor finances or poor financial management, which is why Recession Resister is pleased to now be offering you this tailored solution. 

Lower Your Overheads, Expenses & Bills

The financial experts and auditors at Recession Resister will take a simple yet systematic approach to reducing your overheads and bills in order to lower your expenses and free up more funds for both your charitable initiatives and for needed reinvestment in your operations. 

Firstly, the team at Recession Resister will analyze all of your bills. This includes:

  • electric,
  • natural gas,
  • water/sewer,
  • trash/refuse,
  • cellular and internet,
  • security,
  • pest control,
  • water delivery,
  • payroll services, and more.

They will then set about renegotiating these services with your current providers or switching you to a more economic service provider. 

Thorough Bill Auditing

Through this evaluation, Recession Resister will also closely audit your prior bills. As a spokesperson from their team of auditors and expense managers explained, Your utility providers aren’t looking out for you, but we will. On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses, and you have a right to get that money back. We’ll audit years’ worth of bills for you, finding overcharges, eliminating mistakes and obtaining refunds for you when possible.” 

More Ways To Save

Depending on the scope and scale of your non-profit, including your offices and operations, Recession Resister can also implement further cost-cutting measures like energy efficiency improvements and energy auto switching. Their team is also well-versed in available tax deductions, how to cut merchant fees, and more. 

Recession Resister is pleased to be supporting the good work of non-profits across the United States. As a trusted partner of these charitable organizations, they are also pleased to be offering their services on a no-save, no-pay contingency basis. This means you can have your bills analyzed and renegotiated with no upfront costs.

Make sure your non-profit can go the distance and do more good with Recession Resister.

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