Financial Optimization Service Helps Fast Food Restaurants Boost Profitability

Mar 21, 2024

If you’re in the fast food business, Recession Resister gets that speed is of the essence, which is why they are proud to be bringing you fast overhead savings and big bill-cutting power.

If you want to save on your biggest bills and cut your overheads, Recession Resister can bring you savings that will have you saying ‘hot diggity dog!’

Whether you're in the business of hot dogs, burgers, or bao buns, let them worry about lowering your costs while you focus on plating up delicious dishes. Start saving today at 

The Savings Partner Of The US’ Biggest Fast Food Enterprises

Having partnered with big names like Mcdonald's, Subway, and Pizza Hut, and having helped almost 550 branches of these big chain restaurants to reduce their costs, the team at Recession Resister is pleased to be offering you their expense management services if you run an independent fast food outlet or small chain. 

While McDonald’s profit margin tends to hover between 32 and 33%, the team at Recession Resister knows that today, according to a recent study by DoorDash, the profit margins of the average fast food restaurant are only 6-9%. 

This means that small changes like reducing overhead costs can have a significant ripple effect, allowing you to either maximize your savings potential or reinvest more money into your business, for instance, renovating your premises, training your staff to a higher level, expanding your menu, or more. 

A Solution For Financial & Energy Efficiency

With their financial optimization service, Recession Resister will look at your main bills: electricity, gas, and water. While for a normal business, energy costs typically reach 15% of total expenditure, they know this number usually runs much higher in the fast food sector. As a recent nationwide study by DTE Energy attested, fast-food restaurants are the most energy-intensive buildings in the country. 

The same study also reflected that refrigeration, lighting, and cooling represent the majority of a typical fast food restaurant’s energy costs, which is why Recession Resister’s overhead minimizing service will focus on your energy efficiency.

As an official partner of The Madison Energy Group, the expense managers can offer you new deals on IntelliHVAC, a smart consumption-reducing HVAC system, and EnerG2, a smart compressor for walk-in coolers and freezers, which will reduce your power consumption by between 15 and 30%. 

A spokesperson for the expense managers said, “We know that any amount of money saved can have a tremendous impact on the health of your business. Our Bill Saver Energy Efficiency products, powered by The Madison Energy Group, are engineered to reduce energy consumption from HVAC systems and walk-in coolers and freezers, thereby reducing your overhead costs.” 

The Best Bill Negotiation Savings Solution

Additionally, Recession Resister will also offer your fast food restaurant their full slate of overhead-reducing services, which includes renegotiating all your bills and utilities to secure the best rate on the market and auditing your former bills to identify overcharges and have them refunded. 

Their spokesperson added, “Our smart technology and team of negotiation experts will ensure you’re not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings.”

Recession Resister can start saving you money faster than you can deep fry a fry or put pepperoni on a pizza.

Visit to sign up for their financial optimization service.

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