Fashion Collaboration Network Lists US-Based Packaging & Trims Suppliers

Aug 3, 2023

Interested in sourcing packaging and trims for your new clothing line from a U.S.-based supplier? Fashion Index is THE one-stop networking platform where you can find and connect with the right supplier to make your brand the best version of itself.

The long-running joke of nothing being U.S.-made is, well, getting old. There's actually been a recent increase in U.S.-based trims and packaging suppliers and, lucky for you, I know the best place to find them.

Fashion Index hosts business listings for U.S.-based packaging and trims suppliers that cater to every target market, production volume, and style.

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✦ Slow Fashion Trends ✦

2022 saw an influx of consumers interested in reducing their reliance on single-use plastics and wanting to invest in "slow fashion" businesses. This trend is expected to continue and even expand in the coming years.

Functional, long-lasting trims are key to slow fashion, as cheaply-made zippers or buttons can quickly render a piece unwearable and in need of replacement. Not to mention, tags and packaging that feature natural fibers and recycled materials pair well with slow fashion brands.

✦ Fashion Index For The Win ✦

As the demand for sustainable packaging and materials continues to rise around the globe, Fashion Index has created a simple method for fashion brands to connect with packaging and trim suppliers in the U.S. who can help them evolve with this trend.

By creating a Fashion Index account (which is super easy and FREE, by the way) you can search packaging and trim suppliers by country! Fashion Index features business listings for dozens of suppliers who operate in the United States, many of which prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

One packaging and trims business that is listed on Fashion Index states, "Our impressive inventory of the latest styles from Europe and around the world is considered one of the best button lines in the United States."

Fashion Index hosts business listings for U.S. suppliers that provide a variety of sustainable trims, from coconut buttons to woven labels to couture cufflinks.

AND, on Fashion Index you can easily research each company's offerings, philosophies, and expertise through its detailed Fashion Index business profile.

✦ About Fashion Index ✦

Fashion Index was created by fashion industry professionals, for fashion industry professionals. The company strives to cultivate a collaborative, inclusive fashion community that brings together creatives and business experts, emerging entrepreneurs and established brands, and everybody in between.

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