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Jul 13, 2017

Family Lawyer Geelong provide comprehensive advice with respect to all family law issues. Property settlements, child support, parenting arrangements and divorce proceedings. Call 1300 241 740 now for an appointment or visit

Statistics show that only 5% of those who have a relationship or marriage breakdown really end up in Court. About fifty percent of these do not seek legal advice whatsoever and come to their own arrangements. This is specifically the case when there are children. There are even some people who simply separate or even divorce and do nothing regarding splitting their property. Even when people do go to Court, it is now mandatory to attempt to reach an agreement through mediation before a case can progress to a final hearing.

The implication here is that Family Court judges always favour the mother in parenting cases. There is no legal presumption that kids should be taken care of by their mothers. It is the case however, that moms tend to have more overnight care of children than fathers do. This is not constantly or usually court ordered. Frequently it is agreed in between moms and dads. There are a number of sociological reasons why kids tend to spend more time with moms compared to fathers. A typical reason is that the arrangements that remained in place prior to separation tend to be proceeded after splitting up. The arrangements prior to separation reflect the roles that each party played in their partnership or marriage.

Splitting up, divorce and also other issues relating to family law or domestic law such as child protection and domestic violence can be complex, time-consuming and emotionally draining. Family Lawyer Geelong sensitively and professionally collaborates with each individual client to assist through the legal process.

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Separation proceedings are carried out totally separately from other proceedings between the couple and also there is no obligation on a party to begin separation proceedings before taking action in relation to other aspect of the marriage break down. However if either party to the marriage wants to re-marry they must make an application for a separation.

It is essential to be mindful that proceedings for property settlement and spousal maintenance have to be commenced within one year of the separation. Applications could only be made after this period with the approval of the Court, and this is tough to get.

Family Lawyer Geelong can help with all types of family law issues - including property settlements, care arrangements for children, Family Court applications, Federal Circuit Court applications and binding financial agreements for couples wanting to have assurance for their future. They are experienced in all aspects of matrimonial and family law - from straightforward legal matters that are settled through consent to difficult and challenging matters including complicated family companies and trusts. Find out more from the website

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