Expert Oil Change for Trucks & Cars in The Colony TX: Engine Repair & Inspection

Dec 10, 2022

Keep your car in tip-top shape with Main Oil & Auto (972-370-9110). They have car repair and maintenance experts who will ensure that your car is in the best condition to keep you safe on the road.

Expert Oil Change for Trucks & Cars in The Colony TX: Engine Repair & Inspection

The last thing you want is to stall in the middle of a busy road. Make sure that your car is in good running condition with Main Oil & Auto's oil change and auto inspection services!

The repair company is certified to work on all makes and models, and depending on the scope of the work, you can have your car assessed and repaired on the same day.

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Motor oil protects the car’s engine from friction and extremely high temperatures, so getting an oil change regularly is required to keep the engine in top shape and lower running costs.

With 20 years of experience in the automotive repair business, Main Oil & Auto can change the oil on any vehicle, regardless of size and age. The company’s full-service oil change is done by experts, and is usually completed in under an hour. You can have your car assessed or inspected during the procedure so you can get ahead of potential problems with your engine.

Main Oil & Auto explains that oil changes don’t just protect the engine from friction, it also keeps it clean and working at an optimal level. As a result, you get better mileage, and have no problems passing their emissions test.

Vehicles that run with clean oil drive more smoothly and efficiently, and can produce more power when needed. The engine also cools down a lot faster because there’s no dirty oil sludge keeping the heat from dissipating.

With rising gas prices, it's worth it to get the most mileage for your money, and save on repair costs too!

Cars running on fuel can be a bit friendlier to the environment if you get regular oil changes. With clean motor or engine oil, the car releases fewer hydrocarbons or pollution into the atmosphere.

About the Company

From two-seaters to large commercial trucks, Main Oil & Auto has worked on a wide variety of vehicles, making them the leading car shop in The Colony, Texas. They are a full-service car repair and maintenance company with a reputation for offering high-quality work at fair and affordable prices.

''They are professional and honest and really down-to-earth guys. I totally trust them,” a satisfied customer said.

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