Experience The Sights And Sounds Of History With This Jesus Christ Docuseries

Dec 4, 2020

This new docu-series will answer all the questions you have about Jesus Christ! Revealed Film’s Christ Revealed series is a must-have if you want to experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Do you have questions about the real meaning of Christmas? Are you willing to uncover the truth about the life, teachings and resurrection of Jesus Christ? If you answered yes to these questions then this docuseries is for you! 

Revealed Films is set to release a docuseries detailing the birth, life, and teachings of Jesus Christ. The series is entitled Christ Revealed and aims to answer the questions that people have concerning Jesus. Revealed Films seeks to make this series free for viewing for nine days with the first episode releasing on the 8th December 2020.

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The new series aims to deliver the truth of Jesus Christ with the help of twenty-five experts and theologians. These experts aim to take you through history and into the historical places where Jesus was born, began his teachings, and died.

The docuseries comes as a result of Revealed Films Co-founder Dr. Patrick Gentempo and renowned documentary filmmaker Jeff Hays’ desire to create a platform to discuss high-profile and controversial topics. 

Before embarking on this new series on the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, they did documentaries on vaccines and GMOs.

As the host of the series, Dr. Gentempo will not only expose you to the truth of Jesus Christ but will help those that are faith-based to reinforce their faith. He takes you on a journey through historical sites such as The Garden Tomb, The Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He also does a discussion with Eli Shukron at the archeological site of the pool of Siloam where Jesus healed a blind man according to the gospel of John.

Each part of the docuseries features insights from historians and theologians to acquire factual evidence about Jesus Christ. Some of these experts include Former Governor Mike Huckabee, Sean McDowell, Gary Habermas, and Greg Kouki.

Every episode of the Christ Revealed docuseries will be available online for twenty-four hours after being released with a new episode every day for nine days.

Revealed Films aims to use this free online docuseries as a tool that highlights the truth about Jesus and gives a deeper meaning to the season of Christmas. The company encourages you to take advantage of the knowledge that the docuseries can provide by signing up for free viewership.

You can click on the link above for more info!

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