Expense Savings Tool For Construction Workers Lowers Expenses, Bills & Utilities

May 6, 2024

Recession Resister is cutting down monthly bills and utilities drastically with Bill Saver, their new expense savings tool for construction workers.

With Recession Resister as your trusted bill foreman, you can demolish your bills and start building a better budget for you and your family.

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An Expense Savings Tool Just For Construction Workers

Recession Resister was founded by a team of former construction workers who are committed to bringing those still in the industry greater financial sustainability and stability with their unique expense savings tool: Bill Saver.    

Having spent time in the industry themselves, the team behind Recession Resister knows that the average contract is less than a month, and with this kind of instability and job-to-job culture common, they also know that budgeting can be challenging.

That’s why, with Bill Saver, they are pleased to be bringing you smart, effective and no-nonsense expense-saving technology.

An Efficient Way To Maximize Your Savings Potential

To start saving you just need to sign up for Bill Saver—a fast process that takes only a few minutes—and upload all your monthly, bi-monthly or annual bills onto their online platform and then the bill auditors at Recession Resister will evaluate them for you.

These auditors are looking both for any errors in previous bills that could lead to refunds, and for hidden price rises that can be contested. Because the Recession Resister team now works day in and day out with bills, they know the best market rates for most utilities and will also negotiate to get these rates on your behalf.

A representative from Recession Resister said, “Bill Saver saves you money without wasting your time. Now you can save the money you’re overpaying and spend it on things that matter. Go on that family vacation, put more toward the college fund or take some me time. You deserve it and you’ve got time!”

A Budget-Friendly & Cost-Effective Bill Saving Solution

As the platform is committed to time and cost-effective savings, they also work on a contingency basis with no upfront costs. This means the only money they make is from splitting the savings they bring you... which they emphasize gives them a big incentive to push for the best rates possible for you!

If you’re a construction worker anywhere in the US, you can now access Recession Resister’s Bill Saver for your electricity, water, phone, internet, cable TV, home security and pest control bills, and more.

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