Expense Management Tool Helps Construction Firms Become Financially Sustainable

Mar 7, 2024

Without spending a dollar upfront you can benefit from the expertise of Recession Resister, the US’ best expense managers and cost-cutting pros. Minimize your overheads fast and see how your profits soar.

If your firm’s finances are in a perennial state of ‘working on it’, Recession Resister has the expense management tools you need to build a brighter future for your business.

Find out how you can minimize your overhead costs at https://recessionresister.com/ 

Lower Your Bills & Utilities

Recession Resister will focus on your major bills and utilities like energy, gas, water, phone and internet, and more. Their goal is to help you reduce these monthly and/or annual costs by renegotiating your contracts with your service providers. 

Become More Financially Sustainable & Profitable

With energy alone probably accounting for about 15% of your total expenditure, Recession Resister is pleased to be helping you to secure both better rates and plans for your utilities, so that you can minimize your overheads and make your firm both more financially sustainable and financially nimble. 

With profit margins for construction firms falling as low as 1.4-2.4% last year, according to figures from the Construction Financial Management Association, Recession Resister understands that your firm must be as lean as possible to survive in the competitive and often challenging and fickle construction sector. 

The Best Bill Negotiation Help

With their new expense management solution, they will renegotiate both your core utilities and all other bills, including services like security, waste management, pest control, payroll, and more. 

A spokesperson for the expense managers said, “The goal of every business is to take in more money than you spend. We reduce your costs automatically so you can focus your time and your funds on ways to generate revenue. Let us save you money while you focus your energy on generating more money. It’s a win-win.” 

Rigorous Bill Auditing

Additionally, they will also audit your prior bills looking for overcharges and other errors that can be refunded to you. 

As their spokesperson added, “On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses, and you have a right to get that money back. We’ll audit years’ worth of bills for you, finding overcharges, eliminating mistakes and obtaining refunds for you when possible.” 

Recession Resister’s No-Save, No-Pay Promise

Both their bill negotiation and bill auditing services are offered on a no-save, no-pay contingency basis, which means you don’t have to make a single upfront payment to start saving. 

Recession Resister can also offer you more targeted energy efficiency and energy savings measures depending on your business structure, and have additional tax savings strategies they can implement as a part of their raft of expense management offerings. 

The best cost-cutting tool to have in your toolbox is Recession Resister.

Visit https://recessionresister.com/ to sign up for their expense management solution.

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