Everything Small Businesses Need To Know About Claiming ERTC Refunds In 2023

Oct 19, 2023

The ERTC is confusing, but that shouldn’t stop you from claiming rebates. Get all the details, take a free, no-obligation eligibility test to estimate your available rebate, or find out how to apply the easy way – with this free guide from ERTC Guy.

Did you know that if you were eligible for an ERTC rebate in 2020, your rebate for 2021 could be 4x more money?

That's because the maximum rebate for 2020 was $5,000 per employee, but you can claim up to $21,000 per employee for 2021.

I know it's confusing, but you shouldn't let a bit of paperwork stand in the way of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in no-strings-attached money from the federal government. Instead, check out this free guide from the experts over at ERTC Guy, where they explain everything you need to know, like how to get your maximum allowable rebate - the easy way.

You don't need me to explain it though - just visit their website at https://ertcguy.com/employee-retention-tax-credit-explained/ to get all the details, or to use their free eligibility check and rebate estimator. It only takes about a minute, and there's no obligation to file your claim with them.

If you do want them to help you out though, you can also access a fast application service through their website, that will handle all the details. They'll help you to apply for the maximum allowable rebate, and you won't even have to worry about doing the math.

That could be important because the ERTC has changed a lot - and the paperwork has too. For up to $26,000 per employee in rebates though, that never have to be repaid, they can change it as often as they want - as long as I get my rebate.

You may remember that the ERTC program started off as a relief option available to only a few business owners, but the program has since been expanded into the largest relief program in American history. That means that almost any business owner can qualify now, even if you have up to 500 W-2 employees, run a non-profit organization, or started a business during the pandemic.

To claim a rebate, your business must have been negatively affected by the pandemic in some way, but don't worry - ERTC Guy explains all the ways your business may have been impacted, that can help you to qualify. Pretty much every business can qualify in some way, even suffering supply chain shortages counts.

If you're not sure - just take the free eligibility test on their website. It's just 10 easy questions, and it doesn't ask for any proprietary business information, so you don't even have to share any secrets.

Worried that you can't qualify because you already received PPP loans? Don't be.

Not only can you still qualify with PPP loans - but if you qualified for them, you're almost certainly eligible for ERTC rebates too.

Just use the comprehensive guide from ERTC Guy to figure out how to complete the paperwork - or use their fast application service to have an expert handle it for you.

It's easy with a little expert help.

Get all the help you need at https://ertcguy.com/employee-retention-tax-credit-explained/

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