Empowerment of the Consciousness Energy Within You

May 10, 2020

Receive the healings your body is requesting and treat yourself to this opportunity to bask in energies direct from Divine Source. Join us for a profound experience unlike any other and become the embodiment of Joy, Peace and Harmony as your vibration is elevated and you reunite with Bliss.

The beauty of it all is that we are not meant to be static. Throughout our lives, we shift from various soul states as we heal and evolve. The key is to continue to commit to growing and becoming the best possible versions of ourselves–to meet our Higher Selves.

Of course, as the masters might say, growth is not linear. As we continue to ascend in our consciousness, we might begin to question our progress. But don’t worry–these are often just remnants of our ego that act as a filter from the truth.

So, we ask that you listen to your soul. Is it calling for you to take a leap into a higher form of healing? If so, you might notice the following signs at varying intensities.

You are aware of the Spiritual Energy

The veil between our world and the different realms are now thinner as you connect to a Higher Consciousness and healing. This might translate to you feeling a constant energetic presence in your daily life. The degree of this energy might vary, but the manifestation is there. You are constantly being reminded of the source much greater than any other authority in our immediate reality.

You feel more connected

To someone who has a much deeper understanding of the rhythmic pulse of the universe, you now know that nothing is inanimate. Being declared as biologically alive by science is no longer the metric that you follow. You are aware that everything has energy, from the book on your nightstand to your favorite nook in the house.

Through this awareness, you feel more connected to anything and everything around you. Compassion is embedded in your DNA because of this awareness.

You are content

There is a propagated story in and around various forms of media that awakened people are always deliriously happy. While happiness and general awe for life are, indeed, enjoyed by an awakened individual, the possibility of consistently staying at these modes is quite slim. Perhaps, a more apt term is content.

Contentment is freedom from the harrowing psychological torments that latch on to us in our pre-awakened selves. You may notice that your inner world has become peaceful and harmonious.

You have the desire to live more authentically.

Conformity is the go-to plight of an individual who is still in a sleep state. As you pull yourself farther from your soul’s slumber, you might notice that you are called to exercise full autonomy over your consciousness and being. You may have started to reject the labels assigned to you even before birth. Instead, you may now be seeking to find ways to shed the skin that society has suited you in. This is your soul beginning to unlock society-induced doors that keep you from fully letting in the Divine Light of the Infinite Universe

You are open

You may be driven to explore the new and the unfamiliar. This is your Higher Self reaching in from different planes of your consciousness to reunite with you fully. You may feel a strong pull to consistently learn about the world–always thirsty for new ideas and knowledge.

You have fully opened up to the universe. Now, it’s time to take a leap into the quantum field of paradigmatic healing.

Enter the next level of healing into the Divine’s Self-Knowledge

You are ready–you have flourished in your healing and are now guided to take the next step into your higher awakening. For this to happen, we have developed the Teachings of Inter-Dimensions and Healings through Cosmic Frequencies.

Here are some of the things you can expect from this cosmically and spiritually altering course.

You will be acquainted with a new systematic way of healing through Inter-Dimensional upgrades, downloads, and activations.

You will be privy to undisclosed secrets of the universe, information that we have accessed directly from the Ascended Masters, Shamanic Shanghai Monks, and the Source.

You will develop and increase your inner wisdom, which in turn will enable us to pass on encoded information as direct, clear channels of paradigmatic healing divine.

You will learn the Forgotten Arts of the Multiversal Records embedded in your DNA, not yet awoken. These ancient teachings go back to pre-Aramaic times leading up to the Chinese Dynasty.

We have dedicated many years of integration, teaching, healing and using energy to its highest possible potentials–and we’re ready to impart all that we have learned to you. Start the next level of healing into the Divine’s Self-Knowledge over the course of 12 weeks.

You will be interacting with like-minded individuals through small groups with both Baz and Nicola. All that you will learn will be the direct teachings of masters and are translated from Sanskrit in order for you to learn, integrate and use what is taught in this millennium and beyond.

for more information please visit: https://www.thelightangel.com

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