Employee Training & Qualifications Management System Reduces Compliance Risks

Mar 14, 2024

Have you had sleepless nights worrying about your next compliance audit? Mitigate any risk and remove the stress with this top qualification management system from Motive Learning.

Setting up an organized compliance training program is crucial for your business. Why? Because every incident of non-compliance costs! Being able to report effective workplace training and compliance is crucial for the success of your business. So how can you make sure you train and track every employee with ease? Motive Learning has the answer with its customizable qualification management system. 

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How does it work?

With the MotiveLMS Qualification Management System, businesses can mitigate the risks that come from not having the correct compliance protocols in place. The tool allows you to quickly evidence employee qualifications and specific training data to demonstrate compliance at a regulatory audit.

A qualification curriculum consists of any company policy, safety compliance and skills-based training that your employees must complete to be qualified to perform their job. Motive Learning’s qualification management system enables you to track course enrolment, progress and completion for each of your employee’s qualification curriculums to reduce company risk.

The Importance of Regulatory Compliance

Inadequate qualification management poses many risks to your company’s operations, finances and reputation. This is a risk not worth taking! For example, without the necessary qualifications, your employees may be unsure how to perform certain tasks effectively, leading to decreased productivity and outcomes - not something you had on your long-term business strategy, I'm sure.

Without proper training in place, your employees will lack the skills needed to meet customer needs and expectations. This reputational damage can be difficult to overcome, posing a significant risk to the future success of your company.

Your employees themselves may also become dissatisfied, prompting them to leave the organization to seek professional development elsewhere. “High turnover rates lead to increased recruitment, onboarding, and training costs, as well as disruptions to workflow and team dynamics,” says Motive Learning.

Furthermore, failure to provide adequate safety training can increase workplace injuries and accidents - which would be considered a compliance violation and could result in substantial legal penalties for you and your business.

Mitigate Risk with Qualification Management

To mitigate these risks, you can utilize Motive LMS’s Qualification Management System to keep track of your employee qualifications, training activities and compliance documentation. This increases the likelihood of a successful compliance audit and mitigates the risk of legal and regulatory consequences. A win-win!

A satisfied client said: "Motive Learning has proven their ability to provide us with a customized system to meet our needs. System customizations have been essential in our deployment of computer-based training to the aviation industry in addition to keeping our training records accurate and secure."

A compliant business is a successful business! For peace of mind, choose Motive LMS. Get your free trial now at https://www.motivelms.com

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