Email Design & Customization For Subscriber Engagement: Marketing Guide

Dec 21, 2023’s creative emailing tips go beyond Marketing 101 to help make your business promo irresistible.

Email marketing gets a bad rap these days. With sneaky phishing scams and unsolicited spam cluttering our inboxes, it's tempting to unsubscribe from company emails altogether.

But brands that avoid sales-y gimmicks and instead focus on value have a huge opportunity to connect meaningfully with their audiences. provides creative email marketing ideas businesses can use to increase subscriber count, and a recent blog post explored 10 outside-the-box email strategies you can use to make subscribers light up when they see your business name pop up.

Spoiler alert: the key is making them feel special.

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Scammers Make Real Businesses Look Bad

As email phishing and scams are on the rise, this guide equips you with email marketing strategies to separate yourself from predatory emailers and position your email content as a priority instead of spam.

Covering essential best practices alongside more advanced ideas,'s guide caters to beginners while providing valuable tips for experienced emailers.

According to Forbes, there were over 300,000 email phishing victims in 2022 alone, resulting in a loss of more than $52 million within the United States. The popularity, low cost, and inherent familiarity of email create a perfect storm for scammers to target unsuspecting people. Recognizing this cybersecurity threat, email service providers (ESPs) like Gmail, iCloud, and Outlook have implemented increasingly sophisticated spam filters.

These filters analyze email subject lines and content to identify and categorize suspicious messages as spam, preventing them from reaching user inboxes. Unfortunately, legitimate business emails often fall victim to these filters due to the use of sales-oriented language that inadvertently triggers spam flags. Also, awareness of email scams has led everyday users to be more cautious, dismissing or deleting emails that appear suspicious.

By implementing the strategies outlined in's guide, you can transform your email approach, ensuring your messages are delivered to your audience, perceived as credible, and less likely to be misidentified as spam.

How to Get Your Emails Opened

The guide titled "10 Creative Email Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners" begins by covering email marketing essentials like list segmentation, timing, subject line optimization, and sign-up forms. Building on these basics, then progresses to more creative ideas, such as gating exclusive content, sending product sneak peeks, and using QR codes to drive traffic.

A core focus throughout the guide is growing engagement and a sense of community among subscribers to build brand trust. For example, the exclusive content idea involves special discounts or early access for loyal followers. This helps subscribers feel valued, enticing new sign-ups and welcoming future emails.

Similarly, the product sneak peeks build anticipation and make audiences feel part of an exclusive group privy to upcoming releases. The guide highlights the power of making subscribers feel special, which pays dividends through social shares and referrals, building a business's reputation score for ESPs.

Make Customers Feel Special, Not Sold

At its core, stellar email marketing is about relationships, not revenue. When you make subscribers feel special instead of sold, increased sales happen organically. Promotions should reward loyalty, not demand it outright. explains how exclusive sneak peeks build anticipation and trust in future product releases rather than strong-arming immediate purchases.

Spammers prey on unaware consumers using manipulation, whereas authentic connection converts subscribers into vocal brand champions. With this guide, you can have customers eagerly share your content, refer friends, and lift your emails above junk folder exile.

“Audiences nowadays expect a more engaging experience when receiving emails from companies," said Scott Hall, CEO of "Our latest guide offers practical emailing strategies you can use to help your business stand out in the customer's inbox.”

Say goodbye to boring email blasts and start building a community with creative emails that make your audience smile. What outside-the-box ideas will you try first? Get out there and have fun connecting!

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