Download Voice Actor Marketplace’s 2023 Audiobook Narration Trends Report

Interested in learning the 2023 audiobook trends? You’re in luck because the leading voices marketplace, Voices, has got you covered! Download its free report today!

Chances are, you listen to an audiobook every week or are even listening to one right now! Millions of Americans prefer listing to an audiobook while exercising or commuting. It’s a fantastic way to do multiple things at the same time!

But are you aware of the key audiobook trends for this year? Well, there’s a new report that covers everything you need to know about audiobook trends.

In “Audiobook Listening Trends,” the leading voice marketplace details the three biggest trends when it comes to audiobooks and what aspiring and professional voice actors should know.

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The new report begins by stating that audiobooks are the fastest-growing type of audio content. As previously outlined in its 2023 Trends Report, Voices reports that half of American audiobook listeners spend one to four hours each week listening to an audiobook. However, the group clarifies that this does not have to be the same audiobook in a week - nearly 60% of all listeners will stop their current audiobook if they do not like how a narrator sounds.

Many people say that when they are listening to an audiobook, especially a non-fiction one, they want a narrator who is both expressive and clear. Aside from high-quality audio, many of today’s listeners want a narrator who can do multiple voices, sound natural and engaging, maintain the proper tone of the dialogue, and properly pronounce names.

Regardless of genre, however, it is important that an audiobook narrator can engage their audience with the power of their voice. They can do this by knowing how to infuse their voice with different emotions and provide an immersive storytelling experience to their audience.

The new report also clarifies the possible trend of AI narration in the future. According to Voices, while AI technology is on the rise, it still has a long way to go before possibly providing high-quality content. Currently, AI technology is not as engaging as a natural human voice and the company remains skeptical about the quality of narration AI can provide.

So, if you’re a voice actor, don’t worry! Voices doesn’t see any trouble with your career anytime in the future!

“Audiobooks Listening Trends” can be downloaded for free on the Voices website. The report can be accessed on any device.

The report ends with, "As audio routines expand, we can expect the audiobook industry to grow, and might see more publishers and independent authors turn to audio to have their stories told."

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