How Can AI Be Used Ethically In Creative Markets? Voice Over Experts Weigh In

Aug 25, 2023

Does the use of generative AI mean the end of all creative fields? As a business owner, do you want to ethically use AI for content creation? To get the answers read Voices report ‘AI In The Creative Industry’.

Regardless of which side of the AI fence you stand on, its use is likely to remain a factor for the creative industry. Instead of fighting against it, creatives and organizations across all fields need to work together and learn how to implement it correctly and ethically. That’s where Voices’ report can help by providing an overview of the technology, and a strategy for its future use.

The ‘AI In The Creative Industry’ report considers all sides of the technology implementation with details on the ways generative AI is already being used across multiple creative fields. This includes ChatGPT for writing, Lensa AI for photography, and its use in the voiceover market.

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To give you a balanced overview, the report looks at both the excitement and innovation of generative AI, as well as ethical implications and how it can be implemented in a way that is fair to creatives.

With AI’s popularity skyrocketing in 2023, many creatives are worried about its impact on their industry and careers. This worry was highlighted in a recent survey that reported that over 80% of creatives believe that AI will change how they perform their roles. To provide you with insight into why this concern is rising, and what can be done to prevent it from coming to fruition, Voices’ report presents a possible solution that brings together the best of both worlds.

As the report explains, the use of AI in creative work has been around for several years, from photo editing to audio and video transcription tools. However, it is the development of generative AI that has become the center of the current controversies due to its ability to create new content based on existing works.

The focus of Voices’ report is on a method of incorporating AI into the creative fields through a ‘Three C’s’ approach for using existing data and content. This blueprint for organizations using AI to develop new media highlights an artist’s Consent, Credit, and Compensation as being the key ethical factors businesses need to consider when using AI.

When compiling their report, Voices utilized its 2 million members strong marketplace to survey creatives on their thoughts and outlook regarding the use of AI. Additionally, as the leading voice-over marketplace with almost twenty years of experience in the industry, the company’s team is uniquely placed to speak on the topic.

As the report explains, “A lot is happening, and it’s happening fast. But the media landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, and seasoned creators will know what it means to pivot and adapt.”

Learn how generative AI can be ethically incorporated into the creative industry with Voices’ report.

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