Double Insulated Commercial Gas Strut Windows Improve Walk-Up Restaurant Appeal

Jul 27, 2023

Stand out in the competitive restaurant sector with a customized commercial gas strut window from OpenUp Windows. Featuring a fullbound sill and double-insulated windows, you can elevate your business’s curb appeal while increasing energy efficiency.

Did you know that you can create a seamless integration of your restaurant’s interiors with the great outdoors?

Simply by installing a commercial gas strut pass-through window from OpenUp Windows, you can achieve a modern indoor/outdoor look at your restaurant and quickly stand out from all the others. If you’re the owner of a walk-up cafe, a giant gas strut awning window that opens to a 90-degree angle can make all the difference in attracting customers and serving food as quickly as possible.

Unlike bi-fold windows with obstructive frames, these gas strut pass-through windows offer unobstructed views and create a fluid, flowing space. By creating a seamless connection between your work areas and improving access to your customers, a gas strut awning window from OpenUp Windows tells your customers they’re important, and you want to make their experience at your establishment as unique and enjoyable as possible.

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Designed to create a seamless transition between your dining area and kitchen or walk-up storefront, commercial gas strut awning windows offer enhanced efficiencies and instant customer connectivity. OpenUp Windows takes these benefits a step further with double-insulated windowpane designs and a fullbound sill that offers cost-saving energy efficiencies and allows for simple window retrofits for a flush-to-counter installation.

“Our windows go beyond what traditional windows were made to do. Windows open to allow for fresh air ventilation and offer views to the outdoors. Our spectacular clear pane awning windows are hinged at the top and open up to 90 degrees to foster a sense of connection with customers and the neighborhood,” says a spokesperson from OpenUp Windows. “Installing a gas strut window from OpenUp offers restaurant owners countless benefits.”

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The last few years have witnessed a surge in the popularity of walk-up cafes and restaurants, particularly among quick-service eateries. With their unique advantages, including gas strut propulsion that opens the window to a 90-degree angle, awning windows help you enhance your restaurant’s operations and curb appeal, whether in-room dining is offered or not.

As the developers of 2Fold Technology, OpenUp Windows combines a heavy extruded aluminum frame and sash with sustainable, high-tech Accoya wood interior sash and frame to create a durable, long-lasting product.

The company’s commitment to customization includes a range of window frame colors and UV-protected glass that can be adjusted to weather the hottest areas in the US. Resistant to pests and termites and built to last, these gas strut windows are head and shoulders above a standard window design.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to enhance your establishment’s aesthetic appeal, operational activities, and energy efficiencies, look no further than OpenUp Windows, makers of the gas strut commercial windows that bring everyone to the party.

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