Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With This Copper Exploration Specialist

Sep 29, 2021

You can diversify your investment portfolio with copper! Solis Minerals is expanding its exploration operations in the Atacama Desert, Chile. This provides an opportunity for potential investors who want to strengthen an existing strategy or portfolio.

Ready to put your money into something you can rely on? Have you considered investing in a mineral exploration company? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, this is the opportunity for you!

As a large-scale copper exploration specialist, Solis Minerals is well placed to deliver on its latest program, the Mostazal project. You may be interested to know it aims to find the source of a new mine. There could either be copper, gold, or silver, depending on the mineralization results from the test drill.

You can find out more at https://solisminerals.com/solis-to-drill-test-source-of-copper-mineralization-in-chiles-atacama/?utm_source=MOAMNEWS&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=news2

If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, this is the investment opportunity for you! Solis Minerals understands traditional options such as stocks and shares, bonds, and the real estate market are all facing challenges because of the health crisis and global economic uncertainty.

If you have been affected by this, you may know some markets offer better options for the long term. Solis Minerals’ latest test drill plan has been devised with success in mind. As part of the exploration, five different sites will be targeted.

Each test site has been selected based on scientific evidence and test results that show mineralization in the area. The size of the area being covered reflects an earlier announcement made by the company, which stated it had tripled its land package in the Atacama region.

Because of this announcement, work is underway to expand the exploration area, which is great news for investors. This scope of work fits well within the overall project as it furthers information on mineralization in the Atacama. Solis Minerals believes there is untapped potential and more to come. And you could be part of this opportunity.

Starting in the ‘West Main Target’ site, 2,500 meters of drilling will take place in four separate holes. This approach is a proven technique that will allow for comprehensive testing of the deposits collected. Field crews are already being recruited by the company’s retained drill contractor of choice.

Solis Minerals is an exploration company with a focus on the Latin America region, particularly Chile and Peru.

A company spokesperson said: “This will be the first ever testing of a ‘feeder’ target and what we believe represents a very large and intact copper porphyry system.”

“We expect to encounter the source of the copper mineralization beginning at a depth of 300 meters - 100 meters deeper than prior drilling and immediately next to the area of recent exploitation,” they added. 

Go to this link to find out more https://solisminerals.com/solis-to-drill-test-source-of-copper-mineralization-in-chiles-atacama/?utm_source=MOAMNEWS&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=news2

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