Discover The Best Way To Prevent Tooth Decay With This Innovative Toothbrush

Jun 9, 2021

Looking for the most effective toothbrush to prevent tooth decay? Read ToothWizards’ report today to learn about the innovative “Blotting Brush” developed by gum specialist Dr. Joseph Phillips.

Want to find a more effective way to take care of your teeth and gums? Read ToothWizards’ report today to discover an easy-to-use toothbrush that doesn’t require toothpaste!

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The report reveals that the Blotting Brushes help to prevent gum bleeding, bad breath, and tooth decay. It targets several other oral issues that can help you avoid emergency dentist appointments.

Phillips’s technique is based on capillary-like action which lifts and holds the plaque in the brush’s bristles for effective removal. It shares the same principle as a sponge soaking up liquid.

The Blotting Brushes have special bristles similar to those on paintbrushes and can draw plaque from underneath your gums to heal gum disease and prevent the disease from returning. The process of blotting also helps to tighten gum elasticity around your teeth and the brush can be used to safely scrape your tongue.

Dr Phillips’ technique involves gentle tapping along gum lines to draw plaque up and away from your teeth as opposed to circular brushing that sweeps plaque under the gums. His innovative brush looks like a standard toothbrush, but each bristle is a hollow filament that acts like a tiny straw to draw plaque inside its tube.

Dr. Joseph Phillips began his journey on the search for better dental care after he was told at the age of 16 that he would need gum surgery to save his teeth. He discovered that brushing and flossing can cause periodontal disease and found out that the way to effectively heal the gums is by cleaning under them.

A satisfied user said: “I am very pleased to have discovered the Blotting Brushes. My mouth feels really clean all day. I wish I have known about them years ago. I doubt I would have gum recession now. My daughter aged 26 is also using them and is very pleased too. She has found regular brushing to be ineffective around wisdom teeth. We highly recommend this product for everyone.”

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