Discover The Best Blotting Toothbrush For Improved Gum Health & Plaque Removal

May 13, 2021

Are you looking for a new toothbrush to improve your gum health and reduce bleeding? This guide is for you! Learn all about the unique blotting approach today!

Are you looking for a great new toothbrush to help overcome plaque issues or gum bleeding? This guide has you covered!

Blotting Brushes has launched a newly updated guide to the best toothbrush for removing plaque. It covers the uniquely designed toothbrushes from ToothWizards and how they can be used to overcome receding gums and bad breath while avoiding gum surgery.

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If you have sensitive teeth or gums, one of the challenges you face is bleeding when brushing or scrubbing. This can be avoided with the right toothbrush, and it’s here where the newly launched guide can help.

Blotting Brushes explains that finding the right toothbrush is an important step in securing a beneficial lifestyle improvement. Their guide is based on the insight of Dr. Joseph Phillips, who believed that modern dentistry was losing its way.

When Dr. Phillips was 16, his dentist argued that his teeth were in such bad condition he needed gum surgery. However, Dr. Phillips refused – and set about creating a new toothbrush to solve the issue, based on the Masai tribe of Kenya using the frayed end of a mustard tree twig.

In the 1960s, he developed a unique bristled brush that could clean the teeth with a blotting action, rather than the traditional scrubbing movement used by most people.

One of the most distinguishing features outlined in the new guide is that the brush requires no toothpaste. It relies on textured bristles, which have been specially designed to be more effective at removing plaque.

Through his research, Dr. Phillips discovered that it wasn’t enough for you to use toothpaste and mouthwash. Similarly, too much stock was being placed in flossing. Instead, he wants you to focus on your brushing technique.

Through regular use of this unique brush, you can more effectively eliminate gum disorders and reduce plaque formation. Because the brush is proven to be effective at cleaning the teeth in this way, it can also eliminate bad breath.

A spokesperson states: “If you’re looking to find a better approach to brushing and flossing you need to look outside the proverbial box. There are methods that won’t keep you stuck with the same recurring problem that leads to mercury fillings and gum surgery.”

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