Discover A Simple Forex Strategy That Actually Works With This Coaching Program

Jul 27, 2023

Losses are part and parcel of forex trading, but now there’s a way to make them the exception, not the rule. Sign up for the Simple Forex Trading (SFT) coaching program and discover a more logical approach to profitable trades.

When you sign up for Ashley Page's SFT coaching program, what you're really buying is time.

This means you no longer have to parse Reddit, listen to so-called experts on YouTube, and read entire textbooks to find the strategy that can bring you consistent profits.

Ashley has done the heavy lifting for you, so your time can be spent on something more important—like finally profiting after years of coping with losses.

Ashley has opted to share his unique methodology with the world through the Simple Forex Trading (SFT) coaching program. By signing up, you'll learn how to make better trades through the mastery of principles and methods that have historically produced predictable results.

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The SFT methodology was developed by Ashley, who—despite being a seasoned trader—suffered a major loss that compelled him to rethink his approach and devote time to research.

One clarification though: the SFT program does not teach "hacks" or "secrets." What it offers is a foundational system that allows you to develop your own trading systems once the basics are mastered.

The SFT methodology was developed in a span of 18 months and is described as a "collection" of several other techniques that Ashley uses to monitor the market. After determining the effectiveness of these methods individually, he set out to see how they integrate with other methods in the system.

"It was also important to keep it simple and straightforward so that it is effective when implemented in trading the market," he added.

The resulting methodology emphasizes several elements for successful trading, beginning with mindset, which Ashley describes as how one prepares oneself for the realities of the market.

Another element is one's foundational knowledge, which involves a solid understanding of trading fundamentals and economic data, particularly how global events figure into one's trading strategy.

The first few weeks of the program will cover fundamentals, including trendlines, the role of central banks in currency values, and SFT's approach to integrating economic news and data into trading decisions. After completing this phase, you'll move on to advanced lessons, such as chart pattern recognition.

This is an intensive program, so expect to receive lessons daily, as well as worksheets to measure how much you've learned. Each week, you'll also participate in a 90-minute live training session with Ashley and a one-on-one coaching session per month.

"I only work with a few students at a time to maximize the amount of attention to each student," Ashley said.

Ashley wants to keep his circle small, so if you want to find out if you're a good fit for his program, book a discovery call today through

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