Salt Lake City Co-Managed IT Services: Benefits of Outsourced Expertise for SMBs

May 13, 2024

Reap the benefits of co-managed IT services for your Salt Lake City business with InfoTech Enterprise Solutions (801-210-1651)! These experts will customize a solution for you and work closely with your in-house team to boost digital processes!

Co-Managed IT in Salt Lake City

Do you feel like your business is lagging behind in digitalizing your processes? Reach out to InfoTech Enterprise Solutions! They offer co-managed IT services, giving your IT team exactly the boost they need!

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InfoTech will customize a solution to fit your needs and goals, working closely with your IT experts to build the best system in Salt Lake City. This gives you the chance to scale your IT operations without the costly and time-consuming recruitment of new in-house team members.

In-House + External Team = Top IT Solutions

Understanding that many IT teams are struggling to meet day-to-day tasks and deadlines, InfoTech has designed its MSP (managed service provider) services to complement existing skills and bring valuable knowledge that optimizes your operations.

"The internal team knows the ins and outs of your systems, while the MSP adds their strategic flair and industry insights. Together, they craft a seamless tech strategy, dividing tasks based on their respective strengths and areas for growth," a spokesperson for the company said.

Why You Should Team Up With an Expert

While digital transformation can help small businesses in their efficiency and meeting customer expectations, new technology is a challenge for many. According to Forbes, 70% of digitalization efforts are unsuccessful due to factors like underestimating the complexity of new systems and not understanding how to implement them. The article suggests partnering with a company that specializes in digitalization to ensure a successful project.

Pick Out the Services You Need

InfoTech's team of IT experts can assist you in a range of efforts, including project management, remote monitoring, and implementation of enterprise-grade tools. This hybrid option between outsourced and in-house IT allows you to remain in control over your technology while improving productivity.

A satisfied customer shared a testimonial: "InfoTech is amazing! If you don't have an IT person in your corner, call them now! They are quick to help no matter the time of day. They definitely help take the stress off trying to figure out the technology side of a business."

IT Solutions at Fixed Monthly Rate

If you're interested in InfoTech's co-managed IT solutions, you can contact the company for a custom solution at a fixed monthly rate. Some services offered include 24/7 remote support and monitoring, cloud data backup, cybersecurity, and on-site support during business hours.

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