Diamond Brand Rare & Forever® Offer Light Performance Grading Reports

Jun 1, 2022

Rare & Forever® (877-620-1333) includes light performance in all its grading reports. Now, you can determine the fire and brilliance of your natural diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Brand Rare & Forever® Offer Light Performance Grading Reports

At Rare & Forever®, we assure you that our rare natural diamonds last forever. We are so confident in the natural diamonds we offer that we provide a grading report which tells you how well our diamonds sparkle and the intensity of their fire.

The terms “sparkle” and “fire” are not just fancy words to describe a white diamond but are technical terms that determine its light performance. To help you know more about the different terminologies and ensure that the diamonds you purchase are of the highest quality, we provide you with the most detailed grading reports.

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With Rare & Forever®, you can determine the light performance of your diamonds. Aside from the report mentioning the 4 Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat), each natural diamond engagement ring comes with a light performance rating.

In technical terms, brilliance can be thought of as brightness, while fire is the dispersion of white light into rainbow colors as the result of refraction. The best way to think about it is to think of “brilliance” as to how the white sparkles, while “fire” is how the colors disperse.

On the other hand, diamond scintillation is the combined effect of brilliance and fire on the stone. As the diamond moves, the blinking flashes of light are immediately noticeable. It’s important that while choosing a natural diamond engagement ring, you should always check if its diamond sparkle is high.

One way to do this is by selecting stones from a reputable supplier. Here at Rare & Forever®, we use AI technology diamond grading that screens for brown, green, or milky (BGM) qualities of each of our natural diamonds. This means that, unlike other diamond graders that only screen for yellow tint, each natural diamond we offer will have high brilliance and fire.

We set a new standard in how natural diamonds are graded and screened. With our grading reports, you are assured that your stones have passed the most stringent of tests.

Please be reminded that diamond fire is affected by some external sources such as the quality and type of light that is falling on the stone. When purchasing diamonds online, it is always best to exert caution as some online purchases can misinterpret their diamonds.

Always choose the best natural diamonds for your loved one. Go to https://rareandforever.com to find out more! 

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