Delphi-Approved Diesel Injector Test & Repair Near Edinburgh: Save Time & Money

Dec 9, 2023

Delphi-approved diesel injector testing facility Extract Engineering offers a more convenient option if you’re a heavy vehicle operator in Edinburgh or surrounding regions.

You’re right to insist on having diesel injectors serviced by approved specialists, but you don’t have to send them half-way across the UK.

Extract Engineering is a much more ‘local’ solution if you’re based in Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Aberdeen, or another part of southern Scotland.

The centre is one of only 12 Delphi-approved testing facilities in the UK and they use some of the latest diesel injector and pump testing equipment. Having such a facility nearby means you can reduce vehicle downtime and also benefit from local expertise.

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Most Delphi-authorized test centres are in the Midlands or further south, so having injectors repaired to OEM standards can take a lot of time. With Delphi injectors now used in a wide range of heavy vehicles, including models from Volvo, Renault, DAF, Pacar, and Mercedes Benz, Extract Engineering offers manufacturer-approved repairs to the majority of local fleets.

Given the high mileage of many heavy vehicles, many diesel injectors can experience wear and tear over time, reducing efficiency and increasing emissions. Modern diesel injector systems have also become increasingly complex, requiring advanced equipment to diagnose faults accurately.

Extract Engineering’s facility offers some of the most advanced diesel injector and pump testing equipment, and also retains the ability to test and refurbish older mechanical injector systems. In addition to Delphi, the firm can test and recondition injectors from Bosch, DENSO, and VDO.

“With our state-of-the-art testing facilities, we are confident that we can identify any issue with your injectors,” a company representative explained. “We offer several types of injector testing services. These include the latest high-pressure injectors and pumps, found in modern common rail diesel fuel systems. We have invested in the very latest testing technology to supplement our years of experience with diesel system diagnostic tests.”

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About Extract Engineering

Head engineer and company manager Steve Jefferson has been involved in testing and repairing diesel injectors for his entire career, and his feedback also informed the development of Delphi’s latest range of testing equipment. Located off the M6 motorway in Carlisle, the firm serves the entire northwest, borders, and southern Scotland region.

“The team at Extract Engineering is very knowledgeable and experienced, and they provide an outstanding service,” one client recently stated. “They provided a good explanation of all the testing they did, as well as subsequent problems found, with a variety of solutions suggested.”

Why waste time sending diesel injectors far afield when you have one of the most advanced testing centres in the UK on your doorstep?

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