Dallas Solar Contractors Can Access 30 Surety Markets With This Surety Agency

Jul 4, 2023

Surety Bond Professionals (+1-781-559-0568) gives you the best bond program with the largest bonding limits, allowing you to bid on larger projects!

Solar energy is on the rise and competition for projects is stiff. Don’t worry, though, because Surety Bond Professionals has your back.

With access to a network of 30 surety markets, they can help you secure the best bond program that offers comprehensive coverage at the best price. More importantly, these programs enable you to bid on larger projects, facilitating revenue growth.

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Mark Leskanic, who heads the agency, says they have strong relationships with the top surety underwriters. offering clients the best bond programs possible. Not only does this give their clients additional peace of mind when making bids, but it also assures them that they will be amply protected if a project goes off course.


The need for solar energy has been growing in recent years. From less than 22 gigawatts (GW) in 2022, this sector is expected to produce over 90 GW by 2030. Furthermore, the industry is projected to be valued at over $300 billion in 2032.

Although the solar industry looks bright, solar contractors face several risks that might hinder their ability to complete projects, including financial, supply, and regulatory issues. A bonding company, which issues the surety to contractors, guarantees that the project will be delivered no matter what difficulties might occur for the contractor..


Understanding your busy schedule, Surety Bond Professionals offers online quotes via its website. You simply need to supply basic information about your business, after which a response will be sent via email or call. This step allows you to compare the different options available and select one that matches your budget.

Leskanic says: “The future of renewable energy looks bright thanks to solar contractors. That’s why we offer you surety bonds that protect your business and bottom line.”

Why settle for surety bonds that limit your options? Work with Surety Bond Professionals and unlock a whole new world of opportunities!

You may also visit https://www.suretybondprofessionals.com/contact-us/ if you have further questions about surety bonds.

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