Customized Gas Strut Pass-Through Windows Instantly Create Extra Kitchen Space

May 31, 2023

A popular trend in home renovations is the addition of a gas strut pass-through window to connect the kitchen with the outdoors for added space and functionality. Get today’s best pass-through window – complete with 10-year warranty – from OpenUp Windows.

Does your family love al fresco dining at home, but because of the way your kitchen and patio areas are set up it's just too complicated to make this beloved pastime an everyday/every night habit?

Don't rob yourself of quality time dining and socializing on the patio with family and friends. Treat yourself instead to a stunning pass-through servery window, and connect your kitchen with your patio seamlessly.

More and more families are making at-home dining and socializing with friends a priority. Maybe you can relate.

With the addition of a customizable pass-through window from industry leader OpenUp Windows, you make the most of your home entertainment areas for extra kitchen space and better indoor/outdoor entertainment.

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According to a recent Houzz & Home Study, home renovation activity has reached its highest rate since 2018, with kitchen renos topping the list. The focal point of today’s homes, kitchens that are functional and well-designed pay off in several ways. With the addition of a customizable gas strut pass-through window, you can enhance the value of your home - and its functionality too - thanks to a generous, aesthetically appealing pass-through window that joins the indoors with the outdoors.

“A gas strut pass-through window eliminates the need to run from the patio to the fridge and back again, balancing trays full of food and drink,” says a company spokesperson. “Now you and your guests can enjoy uninterrupted dining and socializing for a better home entertainment experience.”

Residential pass-through windows not only give you extra kitchen space but also provide panoramic views of your backyard spaces while bringing in loads of natural light.

See if a standard-sized window would work for your kitchen layout at

Backed by a 10-year warranty, OpenUp Windows features a propriety design system called 2Fold Technology. Developed by inventor, design engineer, and company founder Ed Page, 2Fold Technology blends the benefits of wood, aluminum, and gas strut propulsion to create an attractive, structurally sound unit that opens with a simple nudge.

Precision cut by computers, each OpenUp Window is built by hand. Window exteriors are made with heavy extruded tubular aluminum (which is stronger than standard aluminum), and interior frames and sashes are made with sustainably harvested, recyclable Accoya wood. Accoya materials are treated with a natural pickling preservation process for weather-resistant durability, and to keep pests and termites away.

OpenUp Windows are factory glazed and pre-hung for effortless installation. If you're looking to increase your kitchen space and improve its functionality and overall aesthetics, install the gas strut pass-through window you need for the indoor/outdoor convenience you want.

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