Custom Heather Gray Champion Brand Cotton Sweatshirt Has Chase Your Dreams Logo

May 24, 2023

Sammy Champ Store wants you to chase and wear your dreams with their new dream catcher custom embroidered fashions.

If you’re a dreamer, Sammy Champ Store has the high-vibe clothes you need to truly wear your style.

The store's new dream catcher fashion wear range has been designed to give you the same good vibes that the dream catcher has long been associated with, as well as to remind you on a daily basis to live your dreams. You’ll love that the products have been made using quality merchandise from internationally acclaimed brands like Adidas, Columbia and Champion.

Go to!/Custom-Made-Fashion-Wear/c/140163279 to find out more.

In particular, for the spring transitional season, Sammy Champ Store has released a new Champion co-branded sweatshirt that is made from a soft, warm and breathable 82% cotton and 18% polyester blend. This light and versatile sweatshirt is the perfect choice for you for those cooler spring mornings and evenings.

The sweatshirt is available to you in classic black or a soft spring-inspired heather gray. As with the other items in Sammy Champ Store’s dream catcher fashion wear range this custom piece gives you a subtle embroidered white dream catcher on the left-hand side of the chest and the words below it ‘Chase Your Dreams’, which is embroidered in a minimalist font in warm yellow.

The sweatshirt is unisex and you can buy it in sizes S-2XL.

You can access more information on the sweatshirt and the full dream catcher fashion wear range at

Other popular pieces in Sammy Champ Store’s dreamcatcher-inspired collection that you’re sure to love include their custom unisex denim Sherpa jacket, their unisex eco raglan hoodie, their Adidas co-branded performance polo shirts and their Columbia co-branded fleece vests.

Beyond clothing, you can also purchase premium mugs and blankets with the brand’s distinctive and inspiring dream catcher motif.

Sammy Champ Store makes all their products to order because, as well as believing in dreams, they believe in helping make the planet a more sustainable and healthy place.

A spokesperson for the custom apparel retailer said, “Traditionally, dream catchers were used to protect the owner from bad dreams and promote good, positive dreams. The woven web was believed to catch and filter out the negative thoughts and energy, allowing only the good dreams to pass through and be remembered upon waking. At Sammy Champ Store, we believe that these beautiful pieces can do more than just decorate our clothing and accessories - they can also serve as a reminder to chase our dreams and aspirations. That’s why we have a piece of bespoke dream catcher fashion wear for every dreamer who dares to chase and realize their dreams.”

Sammy Champ Store is proud to be making high-quality apparel for like-minded dreamers.

Visit to buy your new dream catcher sweatshirt and start chasing your dreams today.

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