Custom Digital Business Cards: Next Big Thing For Networking & Conferencing

Aug 8, 2022

If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you know the hassle of juggling business cards and trying to remember all those important dates and details. With this digital solution, you can wave goodbye to all the stress!

Custom Digital Business Cards: Next Big Thing For Networking & Conferencing

Want to streamline your networking process by using a digital business card on your phone? In seconds, you can be displaying any number of links, pages, and integrations!

By creating digital business cards specifically for your company, mTap’s service aims to facilitate easier networking. Their cards use a QR code, which links to a one-page site where you can list all your important details and links.

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You can create minimalistic and eye-catching business card designs using the on-site editor. These can be paired with digital pages for a more engaging networking experience.

Using NFC technology, you can provide as much information as required without worrying about space. The design process allows you to add your logo, name, and title. The card can then link to a fully customizable digital profile.

On this page, you list your most important details, information, and social channels. This includes website details, contact information, videos, and integrated calendars for booking appointments.

You can arrange the design of your card through a three-step process on the mTap website. First, you order your card and upload your personalized design. Then mTap will send a proof for approval, before shipping the final design within 24 hours.

The company offers a range of design styles that can be adapted and customized to suit the brand and goals of your business. Additional details are provided at:

No app is required to use the service because the mTap card is viewed directly through the browser. You can therefore use it on both Android devices and iPhones. At networking events, you can collect every prospect's contact details using your smartphone.

With the new update, mTap continues its focus on innovative tech solutions for businesses and conferences.

A recent client said: “I came across mTap on TikTok and was blown away at the concept. I was just promoted at work and knew I needed something more than just a card. I’m a recruiter and now I have all the sites I talk about to potential candidates in one place. I’ve asked for feedback from a few friends and everyone is impressed.”

Are you tired of packing your wallet, purse, or bag with business cards only to forget the details? This is the ideal solution!

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